Lindsie Starr and Chuck Taylor's China Nights

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Note: This fan fiction came to me as an ideal from Chuck Taylor filming in China for a documentary of what happened behinds the scenes of the WWNLive China tour. Enjoy!
It was nuts. I was hired by Gabe Sapolsky to help him organized the China trip this year. I had to think who will be going. Of course it was just bad, because Chuck Taylor is going and we haven't spoke to each other since Chikara's King of Trios. I talk to Gabe. "Gabe, I don't think it's a good ideal to take Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta. I got an email from a fan who was asking if both men are gay!" I said. "Lindsie, I know and you know that they are not. They are like Chris Hero and Jimmy Jacobs" said Gabe. "Okay. If we are going to have roommates, can I have Mia Yim as my roommate, please Gabe?" I ask. "Well, Chuck ask you to be his roommate. He said something about the two of you had a fight and he wanted to make it up?" ask Gabe as he is wondering. "I don't think this it's a good ideal. I slept with him once and his best friend Trent bitch me out!" I said. "Okay, I get the hint" said Gabe. That was part of the truth. I did not want to tell Gabe what really happened. So, on the day that we have to leave to go to China, Mia Yim, Su Yung, Alison Kaye, Candice LeRae, and I had to talk about the guys, especially about Chuck too.
"So, you watch the documentary?" ask Mia. "Yes, Chuck got very weird. He filmed about it while you were there and it's just got weird" I said. "How weird?" ask Candice. "So weird, he filmed Trent trying to hit on Johnny!" I said. Candice LeRae was in so shock, she was going to kill Trent, but the gals and I had to stop her. "Candice, I believe Trent was doing it for video" I said. "Oh!" said Candice as she starts to laugh. We were laughing. Chuck was overhearing us. Chuck sat down and he was so sad. Trent came up to him. "What's wrong buddy?" ask Trent. "It's Lindsie, she's having fun with the ladies and I wanted to talk to her" said Chuck. "Why don't you go up to her?" ask Drew Gulak who came up to see what the best friends are talking about. "I can't. Lindsie is mad at me, because Trent called her out!" said Chuck. "I thought Lindsie was using you to get back at Chris and Tim!" said Trent. "I told you that Chris and Tim cheated on her and she needed someone to talk to since that happened and then we just slept together!" said Chuck as he got mad. 
Johnny Gargano overhears Chuck and then he texted Candice. Candice ask me something. "So, what happened with you and Chuck Taylor, Lindsie?" ask Candice. "Well, you remember the PWG incident?" I ask. "I do. That was ugly. I can't believe Brandi and Alicia did that. But, I remember you cried that night and then I saw you with Chuck at your hotel room. I tried to ask Naomi, but she was hung over with that PJ Black" said Candice. "Yeah, Chuck saw me crying that night and I wanted to talk to him. He had no place to go, so I took him back to my hotel room. We talk about it over drinks and then the next thing happened was that we went to sleep after we kissed. By morning Chuck and I had breakfast at the restaurant and that's when Trent confronted me. He confronted me by saying that  I was using his best friend to get back at those two and he called me a whore. I slap him and Chuck heard everything. I walk out and I went to the Chikara King of Trios and Chuck was there and he wanted to talk to me. He wanted to apologize for what Trent said and he wanted to make it up, but, I didn't. I flip out on him and went on the attack, but, both Mike Quackenbush and Kimber Lee had to hold me back" I said.
"Wow. I can't believe Trent said that" said Candice. "Yeah, me too" said Su Yung. "You should kick Chuck!" said Mia. "I don't think it's a good ideal, Mia" said Alison. "Yeah, this is Trent's fault!" said Candice. We all laugh. As we got to China, we check in to the hotel after we got through customs. Mia and I got to our hotel room, but it was a mistake. I find out they gave us a suite for married couples, but we were not married. I called Gabe. "Hey Gabe, what the heck is going on with the room?" I ask. "I forgot that you wanted to have two beds" said Gabe. "Well, are you going to change it?" I ask. "I will see, but I can't right now. I got someone in my room" said Gabe and he quickly hang up. "Well that was rude!" I said. "Hey Lindsie, you need to see this!" said Mia. I find Mia in the bathroom. "Whoa! This is nuts! Gabe really fuck this up!" I said. "What was suppose this for?" ask Mia. "I don't know, but, I think I know who set this up" I said. I got the room where Chuck and Trent were staying at. I knock at the door.
"Chuck, open the door!" I said. The door was opened by Trent. "What do you want?" ask Trent. "Chuck had plans for us. I want to know why" I said. "Chuck told me he wants to make up with you" said Trent. "I don't believe you" I said as I slap him. Then I walk away. Chuck overhears him. Trent sat down. Chuck got mad at him. "What?" ask Trent. "You are impossible!" said Chuck. "She wanted to know why!" said Trent. "Go get ready. The Chinese are welcome us with a dinner" said Chuck. "Fine" said Trent. As everyone got ready, Mia and I do each other's hair after we got dress. "I am going to make sure Trent and Chuck don't come near you" said Mia as she brush my hair. "Trent is an ass. I don't know about Chuck" I said. "Well let me worry about him. I heard PJ and Naomi are going to arrive" said Mia. "Yeah, they are going to be at the dinner. I can't believe it's so semi-formal" I said. "Yeah" said Mia. Mia knows that Chuck is hurting me by using Trent, but, she wanted to make sure.
We arrived at the restaurant and sat with everyone. At our table, it was Naomi, PJ Black, Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, Trent Barreta, Mia Yim, and I were together. I smell a rat. Larry Dallas, who is going to be managing PJ for the tour, said something that was uncalled for. "Hey everyone! So, Chuck, did you bang her?" ask Larry. I was so livid. "What did you just ask him?" I ask. "Lindsie, I did not know you were here!" said Larry. I walk up to him. "You realized that even Gabe is busy in his room, I am in charge tonight!" I said. "Said who?" ask Larry. "Says me! Are you going to start a fight?" ask Gabe who just walk in. "No. I was just..." said Larry. Gabe and I stare the heck out of Larry Dallas. "I'm sorry that I am late" said Gabe. "It's okay. I was ready to kick his butt" I said. "Well, don't let Larry Dallas mess with you. He's no Larry Sweeney" said Gabe. "Got it" I said. As we eat, Naomi ask me a question. "Hey Lindsie, did you got the gift from Chris?" ask Naomi. "The assorted flowers? Yeah, I throw it out. It makes my eyes water" I said. "Oh. Are you upset at Chris?" ask Naomi. "Naomi, please stop it. Fishing for answers won't help! Please understand this, Chris and Tim are out of my lives! They are players like Austin Aries!" I said as I started to cry. I walk out busting into tears. "Way to go Naomi" said Mia as she got up and went after me. "Was that necessary?" ask Chuck as he got up and caught up to Mia. "What?" ask Naomi. "Who put you up to this Naomi?" ask Candice. "It was Chris and Tim, I swear!" said Naomi. Chuck and Mia both found me. "Are you okay?" ask Mia. 
"No, I can't believe she ask me that!" I said. "I know. That was uncalled for" said Mia. Chuck wanted to say something. He grabbed Mia and pull her aside. "Chuck, what do you want?" ask Mia. "I want to talk to Lindsie" said Chuck. "Now while Lindsie is crying?" ask Mia. "Yeah. Go move your stuff out of your room and go to mine" said Chuck. "Would Trent be livid?" ask Mia. "Yes, but, he needs to get over it" said Chuck. "Fine, but, if Lindsie cries, I am going to strangle you!" said Mia in a threaten way. Chuck sat down next to me. He gives me a tissue. "Will you be okay?" ask Chuck. I took it and wipe my tears. "Chuck? Where is Mia?" I ask. "She went to do something. I am wondering if you are okay?" ask Chuck. "No, I am not" I said. "I know that what Naomi said that was uncalled for" said Chuck. "Yeah. I don't know why she brings that up? Is she makes me so happy or sad" I said. "Well, I know it made you sad" said Chuck. "Well, it made me very upset. I know what happened during the show was not necessary" I said. "I know. We talk about it. I got an idea, let's go back to your room" said Chuck. "Okay, but, what about dinner?" I ask. "Don't worry, Mia will make sure that no one ask you" said Chuck. We went back to my hotel room and I see that Mia took her stuff out and Chuck's stuff was in it. Suddenly, we just sat down on the bed. I was so just sad, but, Chuck had a way to make me happy.

He got up and then he got me up. He then kiss me. I was in shock. Chuck unzipped my dress. My dress dropped. I start to unbutton his shirt. We kissed as I take off his belt and unzipped his pants. Chuck takes my bra and underwear off. I took off his underwear. We got into bed and I took the lead by me being on top and Chuck on the bottom. I kiss his chest and neck. "Lindsie, can you please let me take the lead?" ask Chuck. "Yes, I will" I said. I get off of him and lay down on the bed and Chuck got up and he kiss my body. He worked his way to my lips. We then finally having sex. How? I felt it. He had his dick in my pussy. I screamed. "Oh yeah! Yes!" I said. The thrust and nails digging. Chuck kiss me. It was nuts. While he was thrusting, Chuck said something that he want me to say. "Lindsie" said Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "Can you just say my name? You know, my real name" said Chuck. I knew he was ready for me to say it. So, I did. "Oh Dustin. Dustin you are so sweet!" I said. "I know" said Chuck. He kept going until he reach his peak. We both scream. After the sex, we breath so heavy. "Lindsie" said Chuck. "Yeah" I said. "I got to know, why do you hate Greg?" ask Chuck. "He's a dork. It have nothing to do with you. He just makes me want to slap him" I said. "I guess this have to do with you know who" said Chuck. "Yes, it does Dustin. I am mad about it. But, why did you ask me?" I ask. "Well, he's been lacking on my respect and love for you" said Chuck.

"Well, I notice that" I said. "So, why did you ask Gabe to have Mia as your roommate?" ask Chuck. "Because of what Greg did and he's so mad at me. I know you wanted to say that you are sorry, but, I was so upset" I said. "Yeah, I should know that Greg cross the line" said Chuck. We just looked at each other. "Let's just forget talking about Greg. I never had the most sweetest sex, until you made it" I said. "You're right" said Chuck. Chuck knows I'm right. He ends up holding me and we just gazed into each others eyes. We kissed on the lips. Then we fall asleep. By morning, we had to act normal as we had to join everyone for breakfast and get ready to head to the show. No one but Mia and Trent knew we switch rooms. I went to join the ladies who was very worried about me last night. "So, Lindsie, what happened? Mia said that you were upset. Is everything okay for you?" ask Candice. "Yes, I am fine. It was just painful what Naomi said" I said. "Well, she is right now having breakfast with her boytoy. All the wrestlers won't sit with him after what she said last night" said Alison. "Well, it serves her right" I said. The ladies was defending me last night. After I left with Chuck, the ladies did called Naomi out. Mostly Candice had to say something. "So, I said to Naomi last night, hey Naomi, what you said to Lindsie was not cool and she was like, uh what, Lindsie can handle herself" said Candice. "Wow, I did not know that" I said. "Yeah, she was not being cool for some reason, especially she threaten to kick Mia" said Su Yung. "What?" I ask. "Yeah, she said that almost right in front of Gabe. But, Leva Bates who arrived had to step in" said Mia. I see her and she was being herself for now.

"Oh, hey Lindsie. I am here. Sorry I missed you last night" said Leva who came up to me and she hug me. "Thanks" I said. Meanwhile, Chuck was with the guys. "Hey Chuck, where did you go last night?" ask Silver Ant. "Oh, I needed alone time. I wanted to prepare myself for tonight" said Chuck. Trent had got the camera out and filming everyone. "You needed alone time?" ask Fire Ant. "Yes, it was good, even though the jet lag got to me" said Chuck. "Well, we went wild!" said Rich Swann. "But, that did not happened, until we took care of one problem, PJ Black" said Johnny Gargano. "Oh right, him" said Chuck. "But, I don't get is why his girl said some mean things?" ask Ricochet. "Who knows!" said Trent. The guys went nuts. Trent was filming everyone. He even filmed the ladies especially Mia and me. Mia threaten to kick Trent's butt after Trent said something really offensive. While everyone was gathering their stuff for a little tour, Mia and I talk alone. "What really happen last night after I left you with Chuck?" ask Mia. "Well, Chuck felt sorry of what Naomi said. He knew it was uncalled for. We ended up in the room. We got in there and suddenly, he kiss me" I said. "What? He kiss you?" ask Mia. "Yeah, he was in fact a very great kisser" I said. "Please tell me that he was not drunk?" ask Mia. "No, in fact we were not drunk at all" I said. When I was talking to Mia, Chuck was talking to Trent. "So, what happened with you and Lindsie?" ask Trent. "Huh?" ask Chuck as he was in a daze. "What happened last night? I find out that Mia is in my room!" said Trent. "Well, you can say that Lindsie is a excellent kisser. I never felt so much happy in my life" said Chuck. "But, what did you two do?" ask Mia. "Well, we just end up doing it" I said. "You what? Dude are you serious?" ask Trent. "Yeah, we just did. It was just that Lindsie was so tender" said Chuck. "So, you just had sex with Chuck?" ask Mia. "Yes, I never know how passionate he was. I thought he would do something brutal with me" I said.

We end up enjoying the tour with our guide and then we went back to the hotel. There were a lunch and it was just nuts. When that was over, there were a lot of things going on. While everyone was going nuts for some fun, Mia, Trent, Chuck, and I had to talk. "Has you notice how bad that Naomi is?" ask Mia. "Yeah, she is acting very strange. I don't know why, but, I hope I don't find out she was sent by one of those two" I said. "Yeah, I agree" said Chuck. "But, I don't get it. Why didn't Chris and Tim go after Lindsie if they love her?" ask Trent as he realized not to say their names! "What did you say?" I ask. "I was wondering, why those two did not go after you?" ask Trent. "It's because of those two" said Chuck. "Really?" ask Trent. "Yeah" said Mia. After that, Chuck ended up to do some filming. Trent said something really offensive to Mia and Mia started to chase after him. Chuck and I were so laughing. We ended up enjoying some fun too. Then it was dinner. Gabe had to talk to me about the show. We went over the card and then I went to tell Chuck some news. "So, I got something to tell you" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. "Well, you were suppose to be teaming up with Trent against Johnny and Ricochet, but, Gabe really wants you to team up with Drew Gulak, because Trent has a title shot against Drew Galloway" I said. "You have got to be kidding me! He gets a title shot?" ask Chuck. "Relax. I know this is a shock, but, Gabe made the final decision. Besides that, I made sure you get your title shot against Drew too" I said. "Well, thank you Lindsie" said Chuck as he kiss my hand. We had to do that for the camera, since Trent was filming it.

After that, Trent went to film Rich Swann and the others, while Chuck and I were alone. "Are you really sure Gabe said that?" ask Chuck. "Yes, he told me" I said. "Why would he?" ask Chuck. "That is one that you may have to find out" I said. "Why?" ask Chuck. "Well, to tell you the truth, he said that someone is going to be interfering in your match tomorrow against Galloway" I said. "Who?" ask Chuck. "I don't know. But, I have a feeling is whoever is with him last night" I said. "Well, can't you ask him?" ask Chuck. "I did, but, he said no" I said. "This really sucks" said Chuck. "Well, for now, I am with the man that I love" I said. "Aw, you mean it?" ask Chuck. "Yes, I really do" I said. We both kissed and it was time for the show. There were matches happening. Mia Yim teams up with Leva Bates against Su Yung and Alison Kaye, but, got interfered by Jessica Havok who attack Su Yung and Alison Kaye. Silver Ant and Fire Ant wrestled against the Bravado brothers. Rich Swann totally beat PJ Black and after the match, Rich tried to extend his hand out, but, PJ slaps it. Rich got so mad, he went after him and the two fight. Security came out and I had to came out. "Hold it! Rich, I know you are so mad and PJ that was uncalled for! If you two want to go at it, I will put you in tag team match at tomorrow's show!" I said. "Against who?" shouted PJ. "Rich is teaming with Johnny Gargano and you PJ can find a tag team partner of your choosing, because tomorrow you will be wrestling against RONIN!" I said. The fans were excited with the news. Then, Chuck and Drew Gulak came out and they wrestled against Ricochet and Johnny Gargano. Drew Gulak went to the ring and Chuck came out as I was walking back. We looked at each other and then go off.

Chuck and Gulak waited until Ricochet and Johnny Gargano came out. They did and they had the tag team match. It was just insane. I see maneuvers, Johnny trying to cheat, Ricochet goes for a high risk, Chuck doing his girly scream which I really laugh at, but, most of all, I see the ending. Chuck went to use his signature maneuver and end the match with the pinfall. After the match, Johnny got attack by PJ Black. I had not suspect that would happen. There were a lot of things were going, but most of all the main event happened and sure enough, Drew Galloway retain the title. Trent got mad. After the show, Chuck and I walk from the arena to the hotel. We quickly got in before anyone find out. As we got in the room, Chuck used the shower while I take a bath. I had to relax. Suddenly a knock was at our door. I got up and put a robe on. I look at the peephole. It was Mia and Trent and they were not happy. "What do you two want?" I ask as I open the door. "You need to know someone is going to attack Chuck" said Mia. "Who?" I ask. "Rumor says it's Chris Hero!" said Trent. "What?" I ask. "Yeah, I think it's for best for you to stay safe. I will stay with you tomorrow in case he comes after you" said Mia. "Does Gabe know about this?" I ask. "Yes, but, he denying it" said Trent. "That's not good at all" I said. "Yeah, but, you have to tell Chuck!" said Trent. "I will" I said. "Good" said Trent. I thank them both. After that, Chuck got out of the shower. "Lindsie, who was at the door?" ask Chuck. "It was Greg and Mia! They wanted to tell me something" I said as I went to the bathroom. "What's wrong?" ask Chuck. "They told me that someone is going to interfere your match" I said. "Who?" ask Chuck. I hesitate. "Chris Hero!" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. "You heard me" I said. "That was the reason why they came?" ask Chuck. "How can I tell you Dustin? I don't know what is going on. Gabe did not tell me about the plans!" I said. "Why does Gabe have to know? I thought you are the one who book the wrestlers?" ask Chuck. "Yes, but, you know Gabe has the final say!" I said.

Chuck was so mad. I took off my robe and had to take a bath. The water got cold so I empty it and refill it. Chuck looked at me. "What did Mia also say?" ask Chuck. "She wants to protect me" I said. "From Chris?" ask Chuck. "Yes, that is what she said" I said. "I am not going to let Chris come to you" said Chuck as he kisses me. I got in the tub and the water was so hot, I had to take it easy. Chuck decided to join me. Suddenly we ended up making out. It was so insane. "Your kisses Dustin are so gentle" I said. "I know" said Chuck. We kept kissing until our body was pune. After that we got out and then I had to video chat with my mother. I told her that China is a really busy country. Meanwhile, Chuck got a text message that was very cryptic. It was bad. After I talk to my mother, Chuck got my attention. "Hey Lindsie, did you see this?" ask Chuck. "See what?" I ask. Chuck show me a text. "No, what is that?" I ask. "Looks cryptic" said Chuck. I look at it. It was in binary. "I will take it. I know it's binary and I will type the numbers if it's take me all night!" I said. "Well, get going" said Chuck. So, I did. It took me three hours and by the time I got the last number in, I got it translated to a website. I copy the website to my browser and then I hit enter. Suddenly, I was in shock. "Uh, Chuck!" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. "I am going to call Mia!" I said. "Lindsie, what's wrong?" ask Chuck. I point my head out the door. Chuck sees where I am going and he follows me to the end of the hallway. "Lindsie, what's going on?" ask Chuck. "Our hotel room is bugged" I said. "What?" ask Chuck. "Someone bugged our room. The website had a video of us having sex and threaten us to not show up at the next show if we don't want to have that video posted everywhere in the US" I said. "What? That's wrong! Who would do that?" ask Chuck. "I think I got an ideal who" I said.

We both went to confront Trent. "Trent open up!" I said. Mia open the door. "Where is Trent?" I ask. "He's asleep after he went with Rich to a club" said Mia. "Wake him up!" said Chuck. "Why?" ask Mia. "Someone bugged our room with cameras and now there is a website with a threaten message that if we don't go to the next show, the video is going to be posted in the United States" I said. "What?" ask Mia. "I don't think Trent would do this" said Chuck. "Got to be" I said. "Okay! I know who did and you two are not going to like it" said Mia. "Who did it?" ask Chuck. "Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae with Joey Ryan's help" said Mia. "How did Joey do this? All I know he post videos on YouTube!" I said. "He got better. He took a class with Alicia Way. I knew she's trouble" said Mia. "Well, two can play the game!" I said. "How?" ask Chuck. "I got a plan. First we need to removed the cameras" I said. "Oh, I am going to have fun with it!" said Mia. "Hold it Mia. I got something to do" I said. So, we went back to our room and decided to play a trick. Chuck and I went back inside and then I went to answer the door and brought Mia. We were going to kiss when the three of us giving the middle finger and then I made a sign that says, We are on to you Candice and Joey and Johnny! It felt so great doing it. We wave at the camera and started to disconnect everything. "So, now what?" ask Chuck. "Wait for it" I said. A knock at the door. "Right on time" I said. I open the door. "Lindsie, we need to talk!" said Candice. "Really? Come on in!" I said. "We have to tell you something" said Johnny. "Yeah, explain to us why you did it?" I ask.

"We...we...we had no choice! Joey Ryan knew that you were so upset! However he was not the one who made the website!" said Candice. "Wait, Joey did not made the website?" I ask. "Yeah, he had the cameras and the video made in case Chris went after you two, but, the website was done by that dude Dan who made the Chris Hero and Tim Donst websites under Alicia's orders!" said Candice. "What?" ask Chuck. "How?" I ask. "I am thinking that the feed got hacked. Joey called us" said Candice. "Is that true?" I ask. "Yes, it is" said Johnny. "I just don't get it. Why is Alicia after me?" I ask. "She's livid that you are getting special treatment, because you are with someone and she call you a ring rat" said Candice. "I am no ring rat! She is, since she claims that she wants to be a wrestler and she does nothing, but, I am sure that she wants to be porked by everyone!" I said. "We know that, but, she don't" said Candice. "I have no choice but to get the police involve at both ends" I said. "Why?" ask Candice. "Well, you invade my privacy!" I said. "What privacy?" ask Johnny. "The one where you have cameras around and filming us. My night with Chuck Taylor is exposed!" I said. "But, Lindsie!" said Johnny. "No buts, GARGANO!" I said. I had no choice, but, I had to get police involve. It was just very ugly, but, when I got someone to help me, Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano was hauled off. Gabe who came up to us after he heard what is going on. "Lindsie, what is going on with Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano?" ask Gabe. "You have to tell him" said Chuck.

I nodded. "Candice and Johnny are being arrested because they violated my privacy" I said. "What privacy?" ask Gabe. "Around dinner, Naomi hurt my feelings and I broke down. Chuck took me to my room and he wanted to make me feel better. Mia understands about it" I said. "Is this true, Chuck?" ask Gabe. "Yes, Lindsie was upset and I wanted to be there for her" said Chuck. "So, they had it filmed?" ask Gabe. "Yes, they did. They claimed that Joey Ryan is involve" I said. "What? How?" ask Gabe. "They had cameras hooked up in my room and send a feed to him. They claimed that it was the only way to make sure that Chris would leave me alone" I said. "So, are you pressing charges?" ask Gabe. "Yes, I am" I said. "Well, Candice and Johnny are removed from the show" said Gabe. "Really? Well, who is going to take her place against Mia for the Shine Championship?" I ask. "Who deserve the title shot Lindsie?" ask Gabe. "Leva and Jessica. Let's give the fans a triple threat match" I said. "That is great!" said Gabe. "Thanks. But, Gabe. Some of the wrestlers are very concerned about the main event" I said. "What do you mean by?" ask Gabe. "Someone is interfering the match between Chuck Taylor against Drew Galloway and it's making them worried" I said. "Is this true?" ask Gabe. "Lindsie is telling the truth" said Chuck. "Yes, she is" said Mia. "Well, I promise that won't happened, because the main event is being change to a tag team match since Johnny Gargano has been arrested" said Gabe. "Okay, so Rich Swann and Chuck Taylor vs. PJ Black and Drew Galloway is the main event for tonight?" I ask. "Yes" said Gabe. "This sucks!" said Chuck. "They need this to be happen, because of what Johnny did, remember?" I ask. "Right" said Chuck. "Well then, goodnight and tomorrow we are going to the next city" said Gabe.

"Goodnight Gabe" I said. "What the heck just happened?" ask Mia. "Everything changed. Well, I need to go to bed. Coming to bed lover boy?" I ask. "Yes, Lindsie" said Chuck. "Goodnight you two!" said Mia. "Goodnight Mia" I said. We went into the room and we went to sleep. By morning we had to pack and went to the next city. As we check out, we ended up having breakfast with Trent and Mia. "So, what is going to happen?" ask Trent. "Well, Gabe change the main event" I said. "How?" ask Trent. "You did not told him?" I ask. "No. Trent, the reason why the main event is that Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae got into Lindsie's privacy" said Mia. "What? How?" ask Trent. "Joey Ryan is involve as well as Alicia Way" said Chuck. "What? Why?" ask Trent. "They record us. Not to mention the feed got hack and we are both being blackmailed" I said. "Why?" ask Trent. "Lindsie is accused to be a ring rat" said Mia. "I don't see her as a ring rat. She's just an easy pickings!" said Trent as he laugh. I looked at Trent and then I look at Chuck. "Dude, what are you saying?" ask Chuck. "I don't believe that Lindsie is a ring rat. That's just an insult. In fact, I never seen you more happy since we had fun the first time we were here, but, this time is different, because of Lindsie" said Trent. "Well, I am in shock" I said. "What?" ask Trent. "You are just saying that, because of what is going on" I said. "Maybe" said Trent. I was in shock. We had to get to the bus, which we did. We headed to the next city and settle in to another hotel room. As we settle in another hotel room that was huge, someone send Chuck another cryptic message. This time it got ugly.

The message was in binary again, but, this time it was a message. I was trying to figure out how she do this and it was because she got help from someone who know the way of binary. The message was really insane. It said this:

You are a ring rat!
Don't forget that!
I am going to expose you because you are a rat!
I am not a bat!
I am the best on the mat!
You are a ring rat!


Chuck and I knew that it was so wrong. However, Alicia Way has must have friends to help her say that. It was awful. I had no choice, but to have that number blocked from Chuck's phone. It was the only way to have it stop. I had to talk to him. "Listen, you do not want to unblock that number, understood?" I ask. "Yes, Lindsie" said Chuck. "Besides that, we need to see if Mia and Trent settled in" I said. "It's okay, Trent did. Besides that, we have a few minutes before dinner" said Chuck as he kiss me. "Damn it" I said as I kiss him back. Somehow we ended up making out on the bed. A few minutes later, Mia and Trent knocked at our door. Chuck open the door and he came out. "Lindsie are you coming?" ask Chuck. "Yes!" I said as I came to the door. We had to get to the elevator to the restaurant to have dinner. After that, we went over the show. Chuck and Trent were doing silly stuff, while Mia and I talk. "So, have you heard anything from the crew about you know who?" I ask. "Yeah, they saw him. He's here, but, he's not alone. Tim is with him. They want to speak to you" said Mia. "You know I can't!" I said. "I know! I will make sure that you are safe. So will your loverboy!" said Mia as she laugh. "Oh what was that for Mia?" ask Chuck as he blushes. "Don't call him that!" I said as I blushes. "Well, you two are worth it" said Mia. "I guess we are" I said. "Yeah" said Chuck. "Well, my match is up next. Be careful you two!" said Mia. "Thanks Mia! Kick ass!" I said. "So, I have check around and I don't see them. But, since everyone is checking the show, how about some loving?" ask Chuck. "Fine, but, don't tell anyone" I said.

We made out on the couch. It was really nuts. I was on bottom, he was on top. We kissed so much. Suddenly, he pulled down his tights and then he removed my thong. We just had sex again. I was in shock. I could not just tell him no, but, he just wanted to. We were madly in love. As we were moaning, we hear a knock on the door. "Hang on!" I said. Chuck damn know that someone want to talk to us. After the sex, we quickly got our stuff on and Chuck answer the door. He open it and then he shut it again. "What's wrong?" I ask. "They are here!" said Chuck. "What? You mean those two?" I ask. "Yes" said Chuck. We screamed. I don't know what to do and neither did Chuck. We were so screwed. Suddenly, we hear noise. "Hey you two asses! Get out of here!" said Mia. "What? I just want to talk to Lindsie!" said one voice. "Me too!" said another voice. "I don't think so!" said Trent. Chuck kiss me on the lips and he goes outside. I hide with the couch up the table and just kept my eyes out. "You two are making Lindsie scared! She don't want to see you two anymore! Go back to your ring rat whores!" said Chuck. "Chuck you bastard!" said the first voice. There were chairs thrown. Boxes shoved. I hear noises. Suddenly, I hear a door open and closed. "Hey Lindsie!" said a voice. It was Mia. "I am over here!" I said. Mia sees the couch. She pulls it away. "What are you doing?" ask Mia. "I am hiding. Chuck is out there fighting" I said. "I know. He and Trent are" said Mia. "Yeah, and the guys need help!" I said. I got on my phone and send out a message. Soon, we hear more noise. Suddenly, the noise stop. We were wondering what happened. Then, a door was open. It was the ladies. "Lindsie, are you okay?" ask Leva. "No!" I said. "What happened?" ask Jessica. "It was those two" said Mia. "Where is Chuck?" ask Alison "Went to fight them" I said. "That's where the noise is going on!" said Su Yung. "What?" I ask. "Yeah, we came to get you to take you to the ring!" said Jessica. As we were about to go out, we got major problems. Naomi and she was not alone. "Where do you think you are going?" ask Naomi. "Uh, who care!" I said. Naomi came up to me with those two, but, I got help. "Leave Naomi, now!" said Jessica.

"Make me! I only see you two!" said Naomi. "Actually, there is more!" said Jessica. The ladies show themselves and they fight. I avoid the brawl and got out to the hall way. Mia somehow fight her way out and she and I ran to the arena. I was in shock. There was a huge brawl and Gabe could do nothing, but, watched. The fans were in shock. I had no choice but to stop it. "Hey!" I said. They kept fighting. "Hey!" I said. Mia told me to be louder. "HEY! STOP RIGHT THERE!" I said. They all did. "As the one who have been setting up the tour and have all of you, the two of you are not welcome! I don't care who got you here, but, you two are not welcome to this tour!" I said. The fans are cheering. I see that Chris Hero got on the mic and he tried to speak, but, Mia made sure he did not talk. Tim Donst who was being hold by Silver Ant and Fire Ant escape the clutches of the Colony and went to grab a mic and he went to try too, but, once again, Mia made sure that didn't happen again. "What? Got nothing to say?" I ask. The two tried to scream it. "Lindsie!" said Chris. I did not hear him, because of the fans were cheer and somehow chanted in Chinese, Throw them out! "I got an ideal! Let's get rid of them!" I said. The wrestlers know what I mean by and they carry them out. Chuck was just in the ring and wanted to say something, but, I told him to come out. He was, but, he collapse in the ring. I ran in the ring. I check on Chuck. "Chuck, can you hear me?" I ask. Chuck heard me. In fact, he got up and carry me out of the ring and to the back. "Hey! Chuck! What is going on?" I ask. Chuck kept walking. We got to the room and everyone was so tired. Chuck got me to sat on the couch. "Can we just go back to our hotel room?" I ask. "No, you need to talk to everyone" said Chuck. "Okay?" I ask. "They are coming" said Chuck. Everyone really came in.

I had to speak. "Thank you everyone coming here. We have been in China for a few days and I am wondering if you all know. I had nothing to do with those two as you all know that is Gabe own doing. I wanted to break free from those two, but, I am sure he know what is going on with me! I am glad that you all come to my defense. I don't know what is going on with Gabe, but, believe me, if he wants to start a war, let's give him one!" I said. The wrestlers rally behind me. Chuck was really happy for me getting the wrestlers behind me. After that, we went to the hotel and suddenly, we were not alone. Mia and Trent were with us. "What do you two want?" I ask. "Oh, we need to talk" said Mia. "Yeah, are you okay?" ask Trent. "I am fine. I was just scared, because of those two going to harm Chuck" I said. "I am fine Lindsie, but, I am glad that you are okay" said Chuck. "Well, it was just awful" said Trent. "You said it" said Mia. "I think I need time with Lindsie" said Chuck. "Okay" said Mia. We had to talk. We were all alone. "What is going on?" I ask. "Listen, I love you and I want to do something, because I don't know if you are still care for those two" said Chuck. "What? I never would ever do that to you Dustin. Those two hurt me that night. You are the only one I do care about. Why would I go back to them? They would hurt me over and over again!" I said. "That's why I want to do something to make sure that I do not want to lose you forever" said Chuck. "Wait, Dustin are you saying to me that you want to elope?" I ask. "Yes" said Chuck. I was in shock. "I don't know" I said. "What's wrong?" ask Chuck. "If I want to marry you, you need an engagement ring, not a diamond. I hate it" I said. "Who said that I would propose you with that?" ask Chuck. "Well, I am just saying" I said. "I spoke to Valentyna. She told me you said that you rather be proposed to this" said Chuck as he gave me a box. I open this. I was in shock. "Is this?" I ask. "Yes, it is" said Chuck.

It was an emerald engagement ring. "Yes, I do!" I said. We both kissed. Chuck place the ring on my ring finger and then I went to show it to Mia. "Look Mia!" I said. "Lindsie, is that a ring?" ask Mia. "Yeah!" I said. "Wait, is this an engagement ring?" ask Mia. "Yes" I said. Mia suddenly realized what happened. "Lindsie, you are getting engaged to him?" ask Mia. "Yes, Dustin and I are in love and if the sex was great, I am going to be pregnant" I said. "What? I thought it was?" ask Mia. "Yes, but, the test" I said. "The test? You are going to?" ask Mia. "Yes, in my life, I wanted to have children and what's worse is when I went to see my mother, she was going nuts for her stupid friends grandkids. It really hurt me" I said. "Wow, I hope you and Dustin do" said Mia. "Me too" I said. I think about what Chuck said to me and I had an ideal, but, it would be so insane. I told Mia and Trent to go get ready. I had to tell Chuck too. I had to put it all together. However, someone did not wanted us to get married. It was Naomi. She know why, but, I had to get a few steps ahead of her. I had to have Mia and Leva spy on her and sure enough, they told me what she was up to. I was so mad. I end up planning to get ahead of her. As we set up the trap, I went to the location that we were going to get married. Mia and Trent know where and we had to make sure that Naomi did not know. The trap was set. I know it was the only way to do it. Leva and Rich was the decoys. As the plan was set and I went to meet my fiancee in the location that we were set to meet. Since the tour ended up being postponed due to Gabe delusional reasons, we had no choice.

We had to meet at a temple. "What is going on with Gabe?" ask Chuck. "He's not himself. He wanted me to talk to Chris. I told him no" I said. "Will you?" ask Chuck. "No, I am not going to. I am going to do what I want to do for the both of us" I said. "I am so glad" said Chuck as he kiss me. We had to go through with it. We met with Mia and Trent and the four of us did what we can do. A reverend was waiting for us as we wear our clothes on the first night, however, I end up wearing something different. I wore this red dress as this was the way in China, than the traditional white that it is mostly the rest of the world. As we were getting married, we were almost free from the trouble that was both Chris Hero and Tim Donst. Meanwhile, Naomi took the bait and she felt for it. She tries to crash it. However both Chris Hero and PJ Black stop her, but, failed. "I object to this marriage!" said Naomi. "Naomi, wait!" said PJ. "No I know that's Lindsie and that...huh?" ask Naomi. "That's not Lindsie and Chuck. That's Leva Bates and Rich Swann!" said Chris. "Then where are they?" ask Naomi. "I know where!" said PJ. The three went for the temple that where we are at and suddenly, they were so angry on what they saw. They saw us kissing. "NO!" said Chris. "How?" ask PJ. "What the heck? How?" ask Naomi. "We got married and you three can't stop us!" I said. "Yes, we can!" said Chris. "No, it's too late!" said Chuck. "Lindsie, it can't be so that you two are married! What does your mother think and what about Chuck's family?" ask Naomi. "They will know once we return" I said. "No way, not while I still love you!" said Chris. "You can't say that to my wife!" said Chuck. The two stare down and Chris went on the assault. Mia and Trent stop them. Chuck and I end up escaping.

We had no choice. Chuck and I went back into the hotel and end up checking out. We had no other choice but to leave China. "Lindsie, how are we going to leave? Our time can't be until tomorrow" said Chuck. "Yes, and I did got our passports. Once we get home and have our real wedding there, we will get new passports" I said. "If you think you are coming with me to my travels, that is pure insane!" said Chuck. "I am. It's just that Chris would be the one, but, not after what he did with Alicia" I said. "I know. That was not good" said Chuck. "So, when we get home, I guess we need to talk to our families" I said. "Yeah, I called mine already, you better do the same" said Chuck. "Right" I said. So, I did. It took me a while to explain everything to my mother, she knew that she would be at the airport. So, we had to do some fun on our last night in China. Chuck and I went to many places to have fun and to buy stuff to take home. We got a little bit too crazy and we were joined by Trent and Mia who got their stuff too. By the time it was almost 3 in the morning, we went to the airport and took the next plane back to the US. As we end up falling asleep, we saw this beautiful sunrise. By the time we reach home at the airport, our families were waiting for us. We got our passports check in and we had to tell everyone the truth that we were engaged. It was quite the shocking and what was more insane is that we had to tell the truth that we were getting harassed. "Wait, you two are getting harassed? By who?" ask my mother. "It's this stupid woman. She called me a ring rat, which it's a bad thing to say. Anyway, we are going have to go after her and have her lock-up" I said. "Why did she do that?" ask my mother.

"She is crazy and not to mention, she had us filmed" I said. "That is so not good" said my mother. "Of course not!" I said. Everyone knew that we were so scared. We had to prepare for the wedding within two weeks, but, I needed to make sure that it was more than that. We had no choice but to wait, but, we prepared for the wedding. It was a crazy two weeks, but, suddenly, I felt ill. Chuck took me to the hospital. We both thought it was me being so stress out, but, the doctor wanted to do a few more test and they let me go home after a few days with a envelope to be open. We end up getting married. But, before I went down that aisle, I end up open the envelope. I was kinda scared, but, I had my mother open it. She cover her mouth. "Oh my!" said my mother. "What?" I ask. She handed me the results. I cried. Mia, who became my maid of honor, came to me and she sees it too. She then took a photo of the result and send it to Trent, who is Chuck's best man. Trent sees it and then show it to Chuck. He was in shock. "I can't believe this" said Chuck. "Dude, you should be happy" said Trent. "I am! Now I can't wait to marry Lindsie!" said Chuck. The ceremony began. As the reverend began we were happy with our lives. It was getting great. When the reverend ask the question why should we not married, someone did. It was Tim Donst. "Oh hell no!" I said. "What?" ask Tim. "Get out!" I said. "Lindsie, I need to talk to you. I love you. I don't want you to marry Chuck!" said Tim. "And what if I do want to?" I ask. "You give me no choice, but, I have to protest this marriage!" said Tim.

"You can't do that!" said Chuck. "Why not?" ask Tim. "Because you have a girlfriend and Lindsie is my wife!" said Chuck. "No way! She is my lover! I do not know what you are talking about!" said Tim. "I know that I do, because the night in California, Lindsie got really hurt by you and your disgrace of a trainer! In fact, Lindsie cried to me that night in her hotel room. I was trying to be there for her and where were you?" ask Chuck. Tim could not answer, because when he was about to, Chris showed up. They both tried to say something, but, Trent and Mia went after them and shoo them away, by chasing after them outside of the church. The wedding continued. "Shall we begin?" ask the reverend. "Yes, please. I am very sorry everyone" I said. "Thank you. Dearly beloved, we are gather here today with these two sweet people in holy matrimony. Now does anyone else have something to say why these two can't be married, speak now or forever hold your peace" said the reverend. No one else spoke. "Now I am going to let these two speak out as they are going to do their own vows" said the reverend. I go first. "Dustin, on that night that you saw me got upset by two men that I won't ever speak their names, you were really making sure that if I was alright. I was not, because of them. Even though, you told me that if those two would be really honest of what they did, you know that they don't deserved my love, because they just did it in front of everyone. When we were drinking, you said something to me that I wanted to do. You wanted me to go with you to China and you promise me that you give me the best time. I thought you were kidding around, but, after we slept together, you promise me that you were telling the truth. Even though we had someone who was kinda rude and I got upset, I should know that you were really being honest. We did end up making up in China and sure enough, you promise me that you do not want to lose me when you ask me to marry you. I agree to it. Here we are going to start a life together and not to mention we have great friends who know that we are in love and going to live the way we wanted to" I said. Everyone was highly moved.

"Lindsie, I know that you haven't deserved those two and even though I was really unsure of what you were going to do, I was hoping that you were not going to return to them. I wanted you to come with me to get away from the pain and even though, I got you that job, I still wanted you to be with me. Even though, I did not know if you were still alright because of what happened, I did wanted to be with you. I am glad that you never gave up on me. For that, I really love you" said Chuck. I start to shed tears. We exchange the rings and we both said I do. The reverend pronounce us as husband and wife. We both kissed. As we walked down the aisle with our wedding party, we were thanking everyone to came and hope to see them at the reception. At the reception, we dance and it was so beautiful. I felt safe in his arms. After the reception, we went to the airport to our honeymoon that the money that Mia and Trent ended up raising through a crowdfunding website. We got so much, we had many choices, but, we ended up going to the place that all started, China. We went to many places and it was just so sweet. We returned after a week. We got a house together in Delaware. We were starting to be happy. Suddenly, my stomach was growing as months go by. Chuck Taylor sees that I was so beautiful. By the time it was my ninth month, I went into labor. Chuck was at my side when he just came from a show. I was in pain and push and grab Chuck by his hand and squeeze it. I finally gave birth to twins, both girls. We named them Candice Marie and Anna Louise.

As we got home, we were glad that we get to start this new life with our girls. "Lindsie" said Chuck. "What is it Dustin?" I ask. "I love our girls and you" said Chuck. "Me too" I said. We both kissed.

After all, this is the best.



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