Monster Mash: Vampire vs. Werewolf

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Monster Mash Monday: Vampire vs. Werewolf

This Monster Mash battle is a rivalry that goes back to the days of myths: The Vampire versus The Werewolf!  Check out their stats and vote for who would win in this epic battle of evil vs. evil!

The Vampire
Born in the mountains of Transylvania with his morbid pallor, dark-ringed eyes, and bloody fangs, there’s no mis-stake-ing this monster of darkness.  The Vampire has “looks that kill” and his bite is waaay worse than his bark, fangs very much.  Although this creature of the night may spend all day in a coffin, he sure knows how to get around then the moon comes up.

The Werewolf
One thing’s fur sure: the Werewolf needs a monster makeover.  This beast’s covered from head to toe in a nasty, matted pelt.  His teeth are pointy like spears.  His claws are jagged-edged.  Worst of all: he’s a drooling fool!  And don’t even mention those glowing, evil eyes. The Werewolf is cursed with beastly bad looks.  Someone buy this were-guy a flea collar!  He’s all dressed up with no place to howl.


Who do you think would win? Comment your answer below. :)

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