Pakistani Clothing And Dresses

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Pakistani Clothing And Dresses

The Country Pakistan is an Asian country bordered with China, India, Iran and Afghanistan. Like any other clothing and dresses,  Pakistani clothing also represents the culture of Pakistan in various ways. Culture is very important factor of a nation or society as peoples do wear cloths according to their culture. Pakistan has four provinces and each province has its own culture and peoples of that province wear cloths according to their culture. 

Clothing of a society or a country could b differentiate by various ways. It could differentiate by the religion, occupation, season and areas. Pakistani  clothing could be differentiate into 4 basic parts by its provinces.

Pakistani provinces:

  • Punjab 
  • Sindh 
  • Balochistan
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Men's Clothing

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Pakistani Men's Clothing According to the Region of Pakistan

Province Punjab Clothing:

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Punjab is the most popular province of Pakistan and it comes 2nd by area. In Punjab, the concept of clothing is wearing Punjabi Shalwar Kameez or Kurta and Shalwar. In Punjab villages, peoples used to wear Dhoti or Lungi with Kurta. Different styles in shalwar is also available. Turban, also known as Pagri, also used in rural areas of punjab. In Footware, khussa is used on special occasions.

In Punjabi, western clothing is trending these days. young Boys prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts in summer and pent and coat in winter. Educational institutes also prefer wearing pent shirt for students in institutes. long time ago, it was trend of wearing Shalwar Kameez in institutes also.

Punjabi peoples also wears dresses of other provinces like Sindh and balochistan on different occasions.

Province Sindh Clothing:

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Sindh is not as modern as Punjab. They uses their traditional style dresses. In Sindh, Lungi or dhoti uses as lower garment and Kameez as upper garment. They also wear suthan, a type of Salwar and Cholo as Kameez which is also very popular in Sindh. The most popular Sindhi design known as Ajrak, a very beautiful design which is locally made by their peoples. Sindhi also used their own locally made caps known as sindhi caps.

In Modern dressing, they use sindhi kurta and Salwar kameez.

Province Balochistan Clothing:

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Balochistan peoples usually wears loose cloths. Balochi men also wear Shalwar Kameez but Balochi Shalwar is very baggy and and Kameez is also loose. They use large lenght of cloth in their wearings. Kameez is very long that it can reach to the khees. They Also use Turban. Sandals or leather shoes are used in footwear. In Winters they use a large shawl to that keep them warm. That shawl can be used in various ways like headwrap, towel or to take things in it etc. Balochi Shalwar Kameez also resemble with Afghanistan. 

Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Clothing:

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KPK peopels also wear their traditional Shalwar Kameez. They wear their traditional Peshwardi cap, sindhi cap and turban on head. On footwear they have their traditional Peshawari chappal as well. khet partug is very famous in KPK. KPK Dressing is also resemble to Afghanistan.

Video of Different Pakistani male dresses

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Women's Clothing

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Province Punjab Clothing:

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Women of Punjab also wear Shalwar Kameez of ladies style available in different designs and stuff. But western clothing trend is also coming in women's clothing and women are started wearing jeans and shirts too. In modern cities of Punjab like Lahore and Islamabad, women wear jeans and t-shirts also.


Province Sindh Clothing:

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Women used to wear Lengha choli, a traditional style of dress that was used before Suthan and cholo. except that women wears Modern Cholo, Sindhi julaba, Sindhi suthan and Sindhi cholo.

Province Balochistan Clothing:

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Balochi women Dress are consist of long piece of cloth named "Pashk" that can reach to the ankles and shalwar for down wear. Women use jewelry also with cloths. They don't use light color much. Widow use black color and young girls use scarlet. Balochi silk is very famous in all over the Pakistan. Balochi embroidery can be found in 118 designs.  

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Clothing:

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In Kalash sides, women wear long and colorful dresses. these dresses are long enough that it can reach to the ankels easily. on the other sides, women wear shalwar kameez which is called Firaq. These dressing is also resemble with Afghanistan.

Video of Pakistani Women Dresses Designs

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