Political parties in Afghanistan

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After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, tens of political parties with different wishes and thoughts have been created in Afghanistan.

    According to Afghan officials there are more than a 100 authenticated political parties activating in Afghanistan. They have told to Afghan media that this number increases daily.

The increase of Afghan political parties show the improvement of democracy in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country that has experienced democracy only since the fall f the Taliban regime. There for, it shows that democracy will soon get known in Afghanistan.

    The most important thing is this that Afghan political parties have fulfilled their job in a good way as well as they offered solutions how to fight with national challenges to Afghan government. Sometimes the different Afghan political parties have criticized the failings of the current Afghan government.

    On the other hand, Afghan political parties are being supported by Afghan people.

As political analysts believe, Afghan political parties growth has been several times more than some of Afghan neighboring countries, such as Iran.   

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