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 Presentation Skills

As people are working a lot in the field of education, getting just only the degree or knowledge is not enough. With knowledge, you must have strong  communication skills, which is the problem of all the people. People don’t have skills to represent their self. Here some of the points are described to make you better in communication.

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  “A fully structured, proper, prepared and speech-based mean of communicating with diffrent people in order to get them infrom. ”.

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The ability to make an effective oral presentation is one of the basic assets to develop a career…that is successful. Without communication skills, you would not be able to present something in front of the audience.

Having confident communication is the topmost requirement. People would only listen to you if you have strong communication. You have to persuade them to listen to every bit of what you say.


Objective Of Presentation

The objective of the presentation is not only just your transmission but also the reception of audience. The whole preparation, presentation, and content of a speech must, therefore, be geared not to the presenter but also to the audience to make them understand what we delivered. They should understand what we are presenting in front of them.

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The foremost most objective is certainly, the people to whom you are talking. To inform, to entertain, to persuade, to demonstrate is the objective of presentation.

The Purpose of Presentation

The purpose of presentation not only decides the content and strategy of your presentation but it also affects the amount of audience interaction with the speaker.The purpose makes audience listen what we are trying to describe. If you are not been able to make them understand your point of view, you are failed in your purpose. Exploring their mind is a really important factor, with which you can get to know their level of understanding.


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Steps of making Effective Presentation


Organizing Content


Organizing the contents is basically referred to as arranging and setting up the data of the presentation.  

Arrange the contents of your presentation into three main parts:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion



The introduction comprises the opening statement, the aim, the subject and the layout.


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The opening statement can be a saying, a question or a starting statement. This catches the attention of your audience to make them listen to the rest of your presentation. The main body,  the discussion, or the text part follows the next to introduction and describes your aim of presentation.



The conclusion is describing the important points about your whole have to give the summary to whatever you have spoken in front of them. Sum up each and everything into a shell.

 After Conclusion, you have to remind your audience about the purpose of your presentation in order to inform them. Avoid the temptation to end your presentation in haste, don't do everything hurriedly... be calm. 


Things that make your Presentation Effective Include


Visual Aids

Spoken words, as they come out of the mouth, they vanished out into the air. Because of this, speeches usually need strong visuals – pictures, tables, charts, and slides etc. Visual-aids help you a lot in making them see what you are presenting.

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  • It builds up the interest of the audience.
  • Use Visual Aids as required
  • Use  bold letters for Headlines
  • Presentation must consist two different fonts
  • Arial, Comic Sans can be used than Times New Roman
  • Use Charts, Graphs, and Pictures
  • Transition effects: Blinds, Boxes, Checkerboards,
  • Props: Toolbox, notepads, clock can be used


The Three (3) Presentation Essentials

                                      Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

“If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail”        

  1. Rehearse against the clock
  2. Rehearse your presentation at least 2 to 3 times loudly
  3. Memorize your speech  thoroughly
  4. Tape record yourself

Personal Appearance

Personal appearance plays an important role, as people see you before they hear you. Your first impression people get through your dressing and physical look. So, one should be dressed in a proper or formal way. So that people would get a positive and impressive impact.


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Check each and every element of your appearance, starting at your head and ending at your feet. Everything should be neat and clean. You must be properly dressed up. You should look tidy enough.


Hair Style 

The hairstyle is very important part if your hair is rough and not properly combed it gives a negative impact on the audience. So, you should have to make your hair nicely done.                                      


Make Up

Makeup is somehow essential for your face, but don’t overuse it. A lot more makeup also did not give a formal look to the presenter. You should apply such makeup, which gives you a decent look.


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 The outfit

Outfit… The strongest factor in all. Your presentation can never be perfect if you are not properly dressed up. A proper formal and comfortable outfit give you confidence in yourself. So, putting on a suitable outfit is necessary.                                        


Posture generally considered as the way we hold ourselves when we stand, sit or walk. Our appropriate posture matter a lot. Apply that posture on your body which is acceptable for a formal presentation.


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The way you sit, stand or walk reveals a lot about you for example :

  1. Slumped posture – Down spirit.
  2. Erect posture – High spirit and Confidence.
  3. Lean forward – Honest, and Interested.
  4. Crossed Arms – Defensive, not ready to listen.
  5. Uncrossed Arms – Willingness to listen.          


A gesture is a movement made by hands, arms, shoulders. Standing like a statue is not the characteristic of a good presenter. Making different moves would make your audience more involved.

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A well-timed gesture not only drives the point home but also enhances the impact and adds greater value to what is being said.The gesture should not divert the attention of your audience and distract from your subject. Your gestures could be quite natural and spontaneous. Avoid attention-seeking gestures like playing with a ring, twisting a keychain, clasping the hands tightly, or cracking your knuckles.

Body language

  1.  Do not stand in front of the screen when the projector is on
  2. “SMILE” in a good way
  3.   Dress for success, a clean  formal dress
  4.  Knees unlocked, head up and shoulders released down to be relax
  5.  Make eye contact
  6. Breathe and relax
  7. Do not lock your arms
  8. Move
  9. Connect with an audience

Facial expression

 The face is the most expressive part of your body. The facial expressions can show the happiness, sadness, anxiety, or confidence etc.The face rarely sends a single message at a time – instead, it sends a series of messages to the listeners.Facial expressions are difficult to interpret. Though there are only five basic expressions, you can have a blend of 33.


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—  The 3 basic expressions are:

  1. Substitute --Happy with a long face.
  2. Frozen – No change in expression.
  3. Blank – No expression at all.


Eye contact

 Eye contact is a direct and powerful form of non-verbal communication.The listener look to the eyes of the speaker to help find out the truthfulness of his speech, his intelligence, attitude, and feelings. Eye contact and eye movement help you tremendously in getting the desired response or feedback.

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All these points are summed up to make your presentation effective. You would surely succeed in your presentation if you follow all these points that are discussed.


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