Prisoners (2013) Film Review

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Denis Villeneuve, director of Prisoners, staring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal did not disappoint. It's an intense roller coaster ride for the audience, being pulled in different directions, our emotions towards characters thrown this way and that, until we spiral down and stop at the twist. I won't say what happens of course, perhaps to some it is an obvious twist perhaps for some it is big. What has to be said though is that if there is a thriller crime drama you should watch this year, make Prisoners the one. It's dark, well written, well acted and visually pleasing... Jake Gyllenhaal may of helped a bit... Anyhow if thrillers are your thing then you won't be disappointed, Prisoners is an intriguing  guessing game, filled with just the right amount of shock moments and intense bite your nails scenes. From one avid film lover to the next, go watch it. I must warn you though, you may leave wanting more. 

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