The Dance Contest: A fan fiction

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Note: I done this fan fiction months ago. I got this ideal on an episode of the Simpsons, when Lisa and Marge went to see a movie about dancing and how the main character named Lisabella, a nerdy woman to become a hot senorita dancer by a man who need a dance partner. In the ending of the movie, Lisabella and her dance partner wins and Lisabella learned that she was pregnant by her dance partner's moves, which prompt Lisa to learn tap dancing. It was a weird part in that episode.


I found a flyer at city hall. It was a dance contest, however, the prize was different. Each year, the dance contest give out $300 gift certificate to any of the restaurants in the city, but, this year's prize, was a 2015 vehicle of their choice from the mayor. I know someone who needs it more than I do. But, I was not alone. My crazy mother is doing it too. Not to mention, who she choose as a dance partner. "Are you kidding me?" I ask. "What? I know you don't have a dance partner! Go luck finding one!" said my mother. I got so mad. So, I had no other choice. I had to audition so many. Not one guy was making the best. I was going to be upset. So, I send out one tweet, "I need one guy to dance with me for this contest! All I wanted to win a car for not me, but, for someone! That someone is the one who follows me on twitter" I added the hashtag of the one I said. Suddenly I got a few replies. "Lindsie, you were going to do that for him?" ask Naomi. "Yeah, I was" I said. "That's very sweet!" said Nikki. "Yeah, thanks" I said. "I hope he sees it!" said Anne. "Unlikely" I said. I was wrong. "Hey Lindsie! I saw your tweet. You were really going to give it to me?" ask Tim. "Yeah, I was. It's because..." I said. "I know" said Tim. Yeah, the car was for Tim. I saw him a month ago and his car really broke down. I drove him to the last show and took him home. I felt bad. So, Tim tweet to me back and said he will come to see me.

Tim made his way with help, just to see me. "Tim! I can't believe you are here!" I said. "Listen, I am going to help you to win that dance contest!" said Tim. "Cool! Just how good are you with slow dancing?" I ask. "A little bit rusty, but, we could warm that up" said Tim. "Sweet!" I said. I got the music playing from my laptop as we start to warm up. I was in shock with the moves. "I am amazed" I said. "Yeah" said Tim. We had to watch dance videos and see many moves. But, while we are watching videos, someone was spying on us. That someone was my mother. She sees what we are doing and copy what we are doing. She thought this is what we are planning, but, she don't know what we are going to use. After she got what we suppose to do, she shouted at us. "You are so not going to win!" shouted my mother. "I don't think so!" I said. My mother ran away. "Okay, she thinks we have a plan, but, we don't, yet" I said. "Yeah" said Tim. We had to look at the rules and see what should we use. We were allowed to, but, there was one that it was dangerously could go wrong if not performed right and cause of pregnancy for me. So, we tried to do it and it was wild. When we do it to the part that it would be just dance or sex, it turns out to be sex as we were outside in my yard. Thankfully no one saw it.

"I can't believe this!" I said. "I'm sorry Lindsie" said Tim. "It's okay. Besides that, this is the most craziest sex that I ever done, even though, this is my first" I said. "Mine too" said Tim. We both kiss. After that we stop for today. We get dinner and I offer to pay dinner for the both of us. Tim ended up staying with me for the night before he went to go home. We practice before the show in two days. Soon, we were ready. As everyone take a shot and either did good or bad. My mother and her dance partner went. They amazed the audience. We went out and do our performance, including that dangerously dance. We do it and sure enough, it was the best and the audience gave us a standing ovation. We won the prize. My mother called us out. "YOU CHEATED!" she said. "No, we didn't" I said. My mother's dance partner comes and attack me, but, Tim come to my defense and take that dude down! "What the heck?" shouted my mother. "No one comes near my wife!" shouted Tim. "What?" I ask. "Your wife?" ask my mother. "Yes, I want to ask Lindsie in holy matrimony after this" said Tim. "What? How?" I ask. "Well, when my car broke down, I got a huge amount to take it off my hands, which I bought the engagement ring" said Tim. "Well, where is it?" I ask. "Right here" said Tim. Tim pulls out this box and it has an emerald engagement ring. I was in shock. Tim then get down on one knee. "Will you have the privilege to be my wife?" ask Tim. "I so do!" I said. Tim place the engagement ring on my finger. He got up and we kiss. The mayor let Tim choose what vehicle he wanted. Let's just say, it was that cool.

A week later, I moved in with Tim and I later found out that we are expecting. "I can't believe that this is happening!" I said as I cry. "Yeah, I so love you Lindsie" said Tim. "I so love you too, Tim" I said. We kissed.

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