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Education aims at full and harmonious development of all the faculties of man. A person is like a rough diamond that needs cutting and polishing before all his mental and physical powers can function properly. Education fully develops and polishes human personality, so that a person needs a better life physically, mentally and spiritually. Education is useful for body, mind and spirit. It keeps the body fit and mind sound and the spirit fine. A sound mind in a sound body is a well-known saying. Bodily strength ensures intellectual activity. A healthy person is capable of hard efforts and living without effort is useless.

Education provides intellectual training. It sharpens mental faculties and develops creative faculties. In fact, the colleges and universities are the seats of learning and intellectual development. These institutions aim at academic, moral and cultural development.

Education broadens our understandings and ennobles the mind. It stimulates and develops our understanding and inculcates love for truth. It develops the power of clear thought and helps us to distinguish right from wrong, good and bad and virtue from evil.

Education teaches us to love good and hate evil. It helps us to think independently and to act rightly. It helps us to think independently and constructively ad to take independent decision. Education promotes knowledge and enlightment. It fights against superstitions, false beliefs and prejudices. It teaches tolerance, broad mindedness.

It develops good taste and great consideration of morality and high virtues. A man has mind to think and heart to feel. Education promotes human qualities such as goodness, sympathy, kind-heartedness and consideration for the feelings of other. Education has a moralizing and civilizing influence on the personality of man. It teaches good manners, dignified and decent behavior, noble and refined conducts politeness and courtesy.

An educated man is a cultured man. He has refined manners, fine taste and purity of mind by which we mean that mind is free of impure desires and dirty thoughts. Our present system of education is defective and faulty. It does not meet the needs and requirements of independent nation. It has failed to achieve national goals and aspirations.

If the character building is the chief aim of education, I am sorry to say that we have completely and miserably failed and in achieving this aim. Our students are disobedient, disrespectful, undisciplined and violent.

Therefore, our education system must be made on proper basis so that may reap full benefits out of it.

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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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