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Good movies have always put smiles on my face, but unfortunately, in Kaduna state Nigeria, cinemas are not available, what a pity. I can’t travel to Lagos Nigeria to watch Infinity wars!

In recent years movies like Captain America the first Avenger, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Thor, Thor the Dark world, Black Panther etc.  These comics’ books based movies came on big screen, and Marvel is making most of us happy. Marvel superheroes comics dominating the US Box Office chat and putting a smile on us.

I have been trying to write a good movie review, but in as much as I love watching movies, writing movie review is a different story entirely. But Miss Hillary Summers is the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to awarding Stars.

Thor Ragnarok main characters

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Thor Ragnarok is the third installment of Thor movie franchise by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with Chris Hemsworth playing Thor the son of Odin ( Odin played by Anthony Hopkins),  the Hulk ( played by Mark Ruffalo) Hela (Played by Cate Blanchett), Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson) Grandmaster (played by Jeff Goldblum) and Idris Elba, (Heimdall)

 The Movie Director

The movie was direct by Taika Waititi he has been in the movie industry for several yes now. He hails from New Zealand, with great insight on how to make movies entertaining in the world.

The movie plot scenes

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If you are a movie lover, you’d know Thor Ragnarok deserves an applaud for the fight scenes, the movie ending will leave you with your mouth open waiting for the  Avengers infinity wars which is already in cinemas, unfortunately, there is no cinema close to me in Nigeria.

Thor with Nemesis Surtur

The movie started with Thor, chained, caged and conversing with a human skeleton, in the deen of a fierce fiery demon called  Surtur voiced by (Clancy Brown)   

Surtur, Thor nemesis told his plan of becoming a mountain and  destroying Asgard in an event known as Ragnarok 

Thor fought with Surtur, defeated him, took his Crown the source of Surtur power and return to Asgard.

This is my crown, the source of my power

Returning to Asgard, Thor found out that Heimdall (Idris Elba ) was charged with negligence of duty and labelled a traitor by Odin, so Heimdall ran away and left his duty post.

The goddess of death DESTROYS MJOLNIR

Thor and his half-brother Loki track down their father Odin, where they had an encounter with Dr Steven Strange. Who informed Thor that his half-brother is a potential thread in the Universe.


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With the help of Dr Steven Strange( Benedict Cumberbatch), Odin was found in Norway. Odin warns Thor about Ragnarok, and his sister Hela  (Cate Blanchett), Odin first born and the Goddess of Death.

 Soon after Odin vanished, Thor got angry with his half-brother Loki, but Hela appeared from her prison. Both Thor and Loki team up to fight Hela, but she destroyed Mjolnir without breaking a sweat.

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Loki afraid and called for Thor and himself to be brought back to Asgard, but Hela pursed and knocked Loki and Thor out of the beam.


After Thor was knocked out of the beam, he found himself in Sakar. Thor was captured and fitted for a gladiator. His first fight was with none other than the Strongest Avenger The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).


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It was an epic fight and Thor lightning bolts manifested without Mjolnir for the first time, Thor almost wins the fight but was stopped remotely by the Grandmaster using the obedience Disk attached to his neck when he was captured by “Valkyrie” (Tessa Thompson).

The god of Thunder filled with Thunder

For every superhero, something makes him/her super, for Thor it is lightning. Thor had full power as if he was using Mjolnir, first when fighting “The Hulk” and back in Asgard when fighting  Hela.  Hela is powerful because she draws her power from the throne of Asgard.


image credits: Docxdrl

Thor stroke Hela with the most powerful lightning in the history of lightning, but couldn't kill her.  At this moment we saw Thor knowing a little how to use his powers with Mjolnir, although The god of Thunder lightning was not enough to kill Hela, Hela lived.


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In an attempt to defeat Hela, Thor came to the realization that, they are not to stop Ragnarok, rather, fulfil Ragnarok by helping Surtur to destroy  Asgard and with Hela alongside.


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Thor Ragnarok is a success than the previous instalment (Thor, Thor the Dark World,) because of humour in the movie and the fact that Thor is less serious than in the comics.

video credits: Marvel Entertainment via youtube 

Wizards on earth

Thor and Loki set out to find their father, they encounter Doctor Steven Strange, and Thor was teleported several times at Dr Steven Strange house Thor became Dizzy, but Loki  said the most amusing thing for the first

I was falling for 30 minutes.

Screaming Like A Girl

It’s actually kinda funny when the mighty Thor, soon after losing Mjolnir to Hela, is now screaming like a girl when he was about to be introduced to the Grandmaster. Thor was also heard begging before this hair is cut like a girl. That’s not like the Thor we know.

Thor Getting the same beat down like Loki

In the arena while Thor was fighting the Hulk, Thor mistakenly think he can calm the Hulk down, by repeating the lines of the “Black Widow”  but he got the same beat down Loki heard in “The Avengers” when Loki attacked earth.

Family feud, lies and the birth of a realization

Family always have some feud within, Odin family is no different from other families with a prolonged bitterness. Thor Never knew he had a sister called Hela, a sister who broke Mjolnir without breaking a sweet, a half-brother from Yolinhelm (Loki) the God of Mischief.

Thor was able to understand what is better for his people and rise to protect his people, putting the family feud aside.

Thor realizes that he needs to save his people, a people that are hopeless, powerless against the God of mischief (Loki), the Goddess of Death (Hela) and bring the nine realms into balance.

We don’t need special powers to do what’s right,  we only need to put aside our family feud, the lies in the family and have the willingness, the courage, and unflinching steadfast to do what is right.  This is the birth of self realization.

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