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Thor Ragnarok was released in 2017. If you do not know about Thor then let me tell you first about Thor.

Thor is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Norse deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability to fly and manipulate weather amongst his other superhuman attributes.

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So, it is very clear that Thor has some supernatural powers and he is Asgardian God of Thunder. Asgard is the place where he was born and grew up. His father's name is Odin and his brother's name is Loki. Thor is also a part of The Avengers Team. There were two movies released before Thor Ragnarok on Thor and with this, the list grows to three. I mean to say that there are three movies which are made on Thor. Those three movies are listed below along with their release date.

1. Thor (2011)
2. Thor: The Dark World (2013)
3. Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Today I am going to write a short review of Thor Ragnarok. 

Thor's Escape

The movie starts with a scene in which Thor is hanging down upside down and a big fiery monster whose name was Surtur was sitting beside him. Thor started to divert his attention so that he could grab his hammer and kill him and escape from a place looking like a hell. So he called his hammer and broke the chains. Surtur began to call his army and Thor started to kill them and when he got a chance, he escaped from that place and came back to Asgard. Meanwhile, he killed Surtur and a big dragon too on his way back to Asgard. That was an epic scene.


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When he reached to the Asgard, he found his father watching a play and Thor got curious that his father is not that type of a man who sits idly and watches the plays unless he is his brother Loki who can shift his shape. So at the end of that scene, it was Loki who was pretending to be Odin and fooling the Asgard while his father Odin was dying at somewhere near a peaceful sea. The setting of this scene was really great. It felt so real that I could not imagine that I was watching a movie or sitting among the crowd watching a play.

Anyhow, continuing our discussion, Thor and Loki reached to their father and their father told them that they had a sister who is coming back to take over the Asgard. They both do not know that they had a sister. So Odin told them that she is the eldest child he had. They both daughter and father used to fight and conquer the countries.

When they had the Asgard his daughter Hela did not want to stop and wants to continue killing and winning so his father locked her in a far place. Hela can be only freed when Odin is dead so Odin died in this movie and Hela comes back to take over the Asgard.


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Asgard and the Return of Hela

As soon as Odin disappears, Hela joins the party. Thor tried to kill her with his hammer but she was so powerful that she not only stopped his hammer but also destroyed it. Besides the sad story, there is a lot of humor in this movie. Thor and many other characters continue to cut jokes even in the serious situations which have made this movie more awesome and interesting.


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So while returning home, Hela threw away Loki and Thor from the time travel type machine. They both fall on the same planet but in the different places. Hela returns back to the Asgard and kills all those men who were loyal to the Asgard and Odin. She asked everyone in the Asgard to kneel and asked them to accept her as their Queen because she was more powerful than anyone else in the Asgard.

Thor was stuck on Sakaar planet. He was trying to escape from that planet. He also met Hulk on that planet because he was also lost there but the problem was that, he was always angry and always in hulk form and he was difficult to negotiate in this way. 


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Thor's Return

Hela captured the Asgard and she was busy in finding her lost army which she found soon and woke them up along with a giant wolf which she used to ride on. She was again on her mission to rule the world while Heimdal managed to protect the people of Asgard by hiding them in some old building.

Thor has to fight with Hulk and in this fight, he defeated Hulk and somehow with the help of Valkyrie, he managed to escape from Sakaar in a spaceship. When they reached the Asgard, they saw the people of Asgard on end of bridge and Hela and her army on the other end. The wolf started to run towards the people so that he can kill all the people and there the Valkyrie started firing from the ship on the wolf.


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On the other side, Thor was fighting with Hela and Thor was no match for Hela but still, he continued to fight. In this fight, he lost his one eye to Hela. Thor was about to be defeated by Hela but suddenly a lightning comes in his body and he becomes a true God of Lightning and threw Hela away. He returns towards the bridge and kills every single man of Hela's Army all alone. 

Every single man of her army was dead but still, they were not able to stop her because she was very powerful. So Thor came up with an idea of bringing Surtur back to life. Loki did it and Surter came back to life in the Asgard. He started to destroy Asgard but do not need to worry the people of Asgard were safe and they were on the ship. Surter destroyed the Asgard along with Hela and Asgardians along with Thor and Loki were safe. They went away in the search of a new planet to settle and that is the end of the movie.


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A Quick Review

 I have described all the story and written my own personal reviews on particular scenes and situations of the movie and now I would be summing up the discussion by saying that the movie was overall very good and interesting to watch. The graphics and motions were very astonishing especially, the thunder lightning which came in the eyes of Thor and the way he spun and killed Hela's army was epic. The music played in the background, whenever Thor fights, is really awesome and I really appreciate the music director Mark Mothersbaugh for creating such a wonderful background music which has added greater interest in the movie.


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The director Taika Waititi has done a great work and tried his best to make this movie epic and somehow, he reached the level of perfection. I would encourage the readers to watch this movie because this movie is a hell of fun and entertainment. For your ease, I have added its trailer in my blog so that you may have a better idea of this movie by watching its trailer and in the end, there is a Querlo chat, never forget to answer it.

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