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AI Brain is identified as one of the top 10 AI companies in the world by and It is an Artificial Intelligence company that builds solutions for robotics and smartphones applications. The main focus of their work is to develop artificial intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem-solving, learning and memory.


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Today's digital world regarded AI as the most important innovation and in fact, being leveraged by companies more than anything else. 

I started this series of reviews about the top AI companies in the world today and this is not my first review so far. Prior to this, I have written a review of Siemens, a leading AI company in the field of electricity, energy, automation, and smart infrastructures. You may read about it by visiting THIS PAGE.

You may have heard about robotics applications. With this c-blog I prepared, you can learn about the company, as well as their products and services. Please click HERE for a full-screen view.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


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