Vampires a myth or reality

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People are always interested in super natural powers like ghosts, imp, zombies, fairies and most of important Vampires. These topics have always made a stir in whole world specially vampires. The super natural creature with huge white fang drinking human blood , moving fast with the light speed and having all types of powers and specially they are immortal ones. In many region of world vampires are given many names like Dracula and in many region this creature bear many powers but one thing which is same is that they bear fang, drink blood and are scare of sun.

Most people say these characters are active and alive centuries ago and they roam in city streets fearlessly but with passage of time they are extent or killed by humans. Many movies are also made on this creature like Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter, the Dracula, vampires diary most of important which created a stir in whole world is twilight Sega which gave this creature a whole new dimension and change the concept of vampire from killing machine to a lover. But the question still remain is vampire really exist?? Well in my opinion they are just a fiction, they don’t exist