What did i do to become a better presenter ?

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Hi guys, you can call me by nick name, Williams and i am Vietnamese. I guarantee that students, notably ones in Vietnam would get serious benefits from this if you really READ this blog.

Why did i write this?
I have to say that i have been studying at Diplomatic academy- one of the best college in my country, and you know what? every time we had to deliver a presentation, it was kinda suffering to everybody in the auditorium. I knew that, i found a way, i now it is AWESOMEEE. 

What is the problem?
I can even make a list: lack of confidence, non-emotional voice, showing no concern to the audience, etc. Well, many aspects but let me summarize them: your attitude and practicing.

What to do?

i have been through this, and now i think its time for me to share my treasure, hope that would help

I know that you who is reading this has his/her own ambition and also beautiful, smart,..homosexual^^^^, and THE MOST IMPORTANT THAT no one but yourselves have the rights to judge you so losing your comfort because of them is MAKING NONSENSE. KEEP YOUR CONFIDENCE.

May be you will need to enrol in some programme, join some clubs, but this can not last forever just because you are young. Set yourself a limit, maybe 2 months to have all of the stuff and no more waiting because the miracle at the stage is waiting for you. USE YOUR TIME WISELY.

Your voice is your strongest weapon, don not ruin it because you are redundant to put what you think in. Make the ambience cozy or energetic by your voice; you are taking control. CONTROL WHAT U SAY.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, i used to be so confused; standing in front of my classmates and started to mumble about a well prepared list of information. Now i recall it and i think how stupid i was ! It turns out THE GOLDEN KEY is the audience. If they can happily get what u deliver is the point, even all the above points are to make this done. REMEMBER YOUR AIM: THE AUDIENCES ARE GODS NOW, GRATIFY THEM AND YOU WILL HAVE WHAT U WISH FOR.

This is going to end here
I reveal it, my secret. If you think those are true so i am delighted to say that a few months later, you can see the discrepancy in your speech
Bye for now, my friends.

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