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"The Doom in the Gloom" is episode nineteen of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the decapitated body of a dead ex-Marine leads to a doomsday group.


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Holy Exploding Fireballs!

A woman is lying on the floor of an unusual-looking room. She isn't dead, for she comes too. She is woozy and when she touches her back her fingers come back bloody. She goes and gets a gun from a drawer, opens the door and is hit by a fireball that explodes when the door is opened.

Sweets May Be Moving Out; Brennan Will Miss the Free Childcare, Booth His DVDs

At Booth and Brennan's, Sweets and Booth are watching a kung-fu movie. Brennan says that it is not a very accurate depiction. Which it isn't. Brennan also says that Booth had said that Sweets was childish for watching those types of films. Which it seems Booth did, but he's rather enjoying this one, so he says he was wrong. Sweets is looking at an apartment in Georgetown; he may be moving out. Sweets is definite that he is, but Booth is less convinced. Brennan wants Sweets' recipe for blueberry muffins and will miss the free childcare when Sweets moves out, and Booth hopes Sweets doesn't take all of his DVDs. Nothing like getting your priorities right. Sweets moving out is an ongoing thread in the episode - with everyone. Including Daisy. There is a good reason why Sweets is happy with his new apartment (he neglected to describe his potential roommates properly).


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The Woman's Head is a Little Flushed

The building from earlier is now a burned out ruin. There is an extra-crispy skeleton of a woman, who is missing a head and was holding a gun. It looks like the woman from the beginning is dead now. The place is full of bullet casings, high explosives and ammunition, but the pistol is the only one present. The head is finally found - in the toilet.


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A Weird-Looking Place

The place where the woman was found seems a bit strange to start with. Workshop tools, a gravity shower and enough ammunition to start a war, and the corpse is wearing fire-resistant clothing. Almost as if she expected the place to catch fire. Although she wasn't prepared for decapitation. The owner of the building is an ex-Marine sergeant, and that matches with the body. The Marine was discharged after fighting with another, and this was apparently part of a pattern of similar behaviour.

Unusual Shotgun Shells

Hodgins found evidence on the victim that links to a type of shell called 'Dragon's Breath,' which causes a 50' flame for three seconds. Which could be what killed her and started the fire. It would definitely explain the fireball at the beginning. So Hodgins has made his own Dragon's Breath shell. The shell works.

Sidebar: Dragon's Breath Ammunition Being Used

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The Dead Woman Dropped Out of Sight After Leaving the Marines

According to the other Marine, Carlene Blayney, the dead woman, Deanna, was actually her friend, but she started a conversation about the end of the world and how everything, including the military, was going to fall apart. The still-living ex-Marine disagreed, which caused a fight and they both got discharged. Carlene had tried to get in contact with her friend repeatedly, but failed. It seems that Deanna had essentially dropped out of sight after being discharged.


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Possible Cannonball Injuries; Hodgins Wants to Fire a Cannon to be Sure

Daisy finds an injury on the bones that Brennan identifies as coming from a cannonball. Which are not commonly used these days. She had also got medical attention for the injury, good quality medical attention, but not on the system. It seems the victim also made the cannonball she was shot with. Angela matches the type of cannon but Hodgins still wants to be thorough. By firing a cannon to make sure. Because he wants to fire a cannon.

A Doomsday Prepper Group

The evidence leads to a doomsday prepper group. They are living in a buried bunker and Sweets points out that such people have little love, or trust, for the government, and tend to be heavily armed. Getting to the bunker proves a bit hazardous, as it is surrounded by explosive booby traps. The head of the prepper group says that he thought Deanna would be an excellent addition to their group and he is also a doctor - Doctor Apocalypse, but he's actually a medical doctor - so treated Deanna for the cannonball injury. Which he says was the result of an accident. The preppers may, or may not be, as Booth terms them, whack jobs, but are they responsible for Deanna's death? She was quite abrasive, which was actually due to an illness, which would have caused problems with the group.

Booth ends up demonstrating just why he hates the lab in a pretty funny scene.

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