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"The Prince in the Plastic" is episode three of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the plastic-wrapped body of a toy company executive is found by the side of a road, along with a toy.

The Body by the Road.

A man and a woman are looking through stuff that has been dumped at the side of the road. They actually have an antique store and are looking for stuff they can sell. A vehicle pulls up and dumps a fridge-freezer which rolls down the embankment, nearly hitting them before knocking something off a plastic wrapped bundle. The bundle isn't anything valuable exactly; it's plastic wrapped human remains.


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The Doll with the Victim

The plastic has formed an airtight seal around the body and has filled with gas, as well as liquid remains. Cam drains the gloop into tubs and the plastic is cut off the body. The body is that of a female and there is a doll inside with her - apparently it's called Prince Charmington. Which both Cam and Daisy had as children. Daisy takes what happened to Prince Charmington quite personally (regarding him as another victim, and perhaps as the primary victim). The deceased was beaten quite severely at the time of death, and it looks like she was beaten as a child as well.


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Working for a Toy Company Might be Dangerous

The woman was reported missing by her brother two weeks ago. The brother says that the damage his sister suffered as a child was the result of a plane crash that killed their parents and left her in hospital for a year. The deceased was working as one of the top executives at a toy company. She had a lot of successful toys, which perhaps made some of the other executives jealous. Especially Lawrence Deighton (John Ross Bowie, The Big Bang Theory's Barry Kripke). He says that he didn't kill her, but that the dead woman, Debbie, had been acting strangely, and that she might have been having an affair.

Hit With a Really, Really Big Weapon

Further examination of the body shows that the victim wasn't struck multiple times, but once with a single weapon. A really, really big weapon. So perhaps it wasn't a weapon in the strictest sense at all. Which it wasn't; it was a door at the toy factory. With the victim being killed at the toy factory, following a break-in by someone apparently looking to steal some prototype toys. Very valuable prototypes. The Prince Charmington toy found with the victim was also very valuable. However, there seem to be two different crimes, and one of them ended in murder.


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Sweets Wants to Carry a Gun

Sweets wants to be certified to carry a gun, because he spends so much time out in the field. Booth thinks that is crazy. Brennan think that it's a good idea - Sweets could draw fire away from Booth, so that he gets shot rather than Booth and Brennan doesn't have to be a single parent. Sweets does not like that suggestion. Daisy thinks that Booth should be more supportive of Sweets getting a gun - she seems quite excited about the idea.

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