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"The Hole in the Heart" is episode twenty-two of season six of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Jacob Broadsky has returned and matters become very personal.

The Return of Jacob Broadsky

Jacob Broadsky, the man who killed the Gravedigger in "The Bullet in the Brain" and was stopped from killing a dirty cop in "The Killer in the Crosshairs" but escaped, is shooting with a spotter. It's someone who has history with, and he wants the man's help. The other man says that he is done with killing people, but Broadsky says he doesn't need an observer. The man knows that the FBI are after Broadsky, but believes that the latter is simply working for the CIA or something, and that the Feds don't like it, but that Broadsky is still one of the good guys. One thing Jacob wants is the man's rifle - Booth did shoot his after all.


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A Paper on a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Brennan, Booth and Sweets are having a meal in the diner and Booth is saying that he's going to devote all his time to catching Broadsky. Sweets says that Booth can't take it so personally, but Brennan explains that it is personal. Then Mr. Nigel-Murray runs in and he says he has massive news - the Tyrannosaurus rex has arrived. It's a skeletal replica. Brennan and Mr. Nigel-Murray are presenting a paper together on a subject they find very amusing. Even if neither Sweets nor Booth understand what they are saying (when Mr. Nigel-Murray repeats it to Hodgins, the latter translates the paper's title into more easily understandable English - and it does sound funny. Especially when Hodgins suggests the paper should not merely be theoretical).

Broadsky Has Been Spotted at the Cemetery

Then Booth gets a text message - Broadsky has been seen placing flowers on his girlfriend's grave. Broadsky realised he had been spotted by an undercover FBI agent and left. In the flowers is a phone, which is ringing. It's Broadsky on the other end of course - and he is also taking it personally. It looks like Broadsky is going to kill Booth. Just not yet. Broadsky thinks that Booth has crossed the line; Sweets says that Broadsky still hopes that Booth will do the right thing and stop preventing Jacob's good work. Sweets also guesses that Broadsky has a helper, someone who doesn't know what Booth does. Which would be correct.


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A Missing Sniper Rifle

The FBI agent from the cemetery identifies the spotter that Broadsky was with and she, Booth and Sweets head out to where he lives. Or lived (he's been dead a while). Broadsky has also taken the sniper rifle, a Barrett (although not the biggest one by the sounds of it), but left the case. Which suggests that he is somewhere relatively nearby (it's a sniper rifle and he's a good shot) with the rifle and intending to use it.


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The Case Gets Very Personal

Who is the target though? Once again, they need to identify who Broadsky is after and this time stop him for good. Sweets says that once Booth is dead, Broadsky will come after the rest of them. So he'd prefer if Booth does not die. Broadsky is already after Booth, but he misses him - as Booth wasn't holding the phone that Booth picked up in the cemetery. Mr. Nigel-Murray was. It's personal for everyone now. They need to find out what Broadsky's main target is and it results in sniper vs. sniper.

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