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"The Prisoner in the Pipe" is episode seven of season seven of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the remains of an escaped prisoner are found in the sewer system.


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Yes, There IS a Monster in the Toilet

In a suburban home a father is telling his daughter that there is no monster in the toilet (you can just see that is not going to be true) and that she can go in by herself. Daddy resorts to bribery and, when the daughter goes into the toilet, she starts screaming. Daddy joins her, sees what's in the toilet and starts screaming too.

Looking for a Hospital

Brennan and Booth are looking around a hospital to have the baby at. Booth says that it's a great hospital - it's Catholic, which Brennan believes has more to do with his approval. Brennan wants to give birth at home where she can control things, and starts discussing, quite loudly, all the infections that breed in hospitals before whipping out a torch and starts showing signs of splatter of various bodily fluids on every surface. This is putting everyone else on the tour off and Brennan getting a phone call about an eyeball in a toilet really kills the tour for the others (Booth ends up enlisting Sweets to help him convince Brennan to have her baby in a hospital. This does not go well).


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The Body Parts in the Sewer System

There are only a few remains in the toilet and there are no signs of any body being dismembered in the house, so the body parts presumably floated up from the sewers. There are reports of toilets blocking up around the area, so presumably the rest of the body is in the sewer system and Brennan gets quite excited about the prospect of finding dismembered remains in a sewer. The eyeball has a lens implant which allows the body to be identified.


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An Escaped Prisoner?

The lens traces back to a fugitive who escaped from a penitentiary four weeks ago. The widow is not that upset he is dead - her husband was in prison for a Ponzi scheme and left her nothing. She sounds as if she would have been happy to kill him herself.

Actually, No - A Murdered Prisoner

Hodgins sends a sewer bot into the sewers to look for the rest of the body, as they still only have bits. This leads to a barred section of sewer - the sewer ends up in the prison the man supposedly escaped from. Only he didn't. Not alive anyway; he was killed in the prison and the remains dumped in the sewer. There seems a good chance that there might be someone in the prison who had relatives who had been ripped off, but is that why the man was killed?

Having a Convicted Fraudster Doing the Books

The dead man was beaten on his arrival at the prison, and another prisoner stepped in to break it up, but it appears that the dismembered man died from a stab wound. The man was in prison for financial fraud, yet he was doing the prison's books. Which seems like a really stupid idea. The warden pulled him off the job when she found out, especially as a small amount of money had gone missing. It seems she felt it was a really stupid idea too.

Personal Matters

Brennan says that at her current pregnancy stage she could be 8-10 IQ points lower. Daisy says she has been studying to help. Brennan is not keen on that idea. With Brennan almost ready to give birth, Booth is getting really antsy about her being in the field. Especially in a prison.

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