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"The Tiger in the Tail" is episode four of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode the body of a day labourer is found in a ditch.

Stuck in the Mud and Blood

A couple have run off the road during an argument and ended up in a muddy ditch. They are both still arguing as the man tries to push the car out of the ditch. They are nearly there when he falls over into the mud and, as he gets up slightly, gets blasted in the face by debris, some of which he swallows. When the wife gets out of the car she sees her husband and screams, for the mud is rather blood-covered.

The Body in the Ditch

There was a dead man in the ditch and the car's wheel was directly on his face which has made a bit of a mess (and later makes facial reconstruction tricky). Brennan gets the man to throw up what he swallowed which turned out to be a tooth.

A Dead Day Labourer

The victim had been shot and wore shoes that had been padded out with newspaper, and Hodgins finds trace in the boots showing that the man would appear to have been to a country fair. And a show of Venetian glass. Which look like rather disparate things, except that there's a fairground which both used, and where day labourers get work clearing up afterwards.


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Down on His Luck Following the Crash

The dead man used to own his own hardware store but lost everything in the crash and ended up competing for minimum wage day labour jobs. His former wife had taken out a restraining order against him, but it seems that this may have been more down to the man in her new relationship rather than her.


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Black Market Exotic Animal Trafficking

The evidence in the boots also leads to a pet expo, one which also sells rather exotic pets. Such as cougars. This is a big industry, but a lot of the team do not like the idea. The man who runs the pet expo says that everything he does is perfectly legal, and he seems completely above board. Then the evidence leads to a purebred Siberian tiger. And selling those is not legal. But is it motive for murder? This leads to the business of black market animal trafficking


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Personal Matters

Sweets and Daisy are moving in together. Sweets starts getting nervous when he realises that this is a bigger deal than he thought.

Vote Brennan?

Brennan is making a list as to all the reasons why she would make a good president. When Booth is not as supportive as she hopes (as she was a fugitive who was wanted for murder and her father was a serious criminal), she points out that Donald Trump is thinking of running (this being a few years before he did; that comment probably doesn't seem as funny now).

Bones - The Tiger in the Tail

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