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The concept of a world divided by countries is obsolete. Holding a passport is a way to limit people's space to travel and communicate. Not all countries have the same opportunities, rights and options for their citizens. Here at bitLanders we have worked on the solution to the above problems. It's a combination of what BitLanders and Digital Citizen Fund have been doing online and offline.

Fereshteh Forough told her story at Ted NYC. She was born as an Afghan refugee in Iran, but Iran never granted her a passport. At age 17, she moved to Afghanistan and got her first passport. She understood first hand the need to obtain a Digital Citizenship, especially for people from developing countries, and in particular those in societies that have limited opportunities like refugees, minorities etc.

The concept is simple:

Online, as a Digital Citizen, I can go by my original name, Francesco Rulli, or I can use a fictional name and an avatar. This allows me to maintain security and express myself freely.

My digital residence can be a site like:

My digital income can also be available online at:

My digital real-estate and net worth include several data in sharing, influence, subscribers and content quality and quantity:

My digital accounting is managed remotely, and I can obtain funds through PayPal, and other organizations. We can apply the same concept and multiply the opportunities on other platforms.

It's the Digital Citizen's responsibility to compare those opportunities with other Digital Real-Estates he might have on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, etc., and see where the revenues are coming from and on what pace.

It's the Digital Citizen's freedom to voice his or her opinion creating quality content like articles, blogs and videos.

It's the Digital Citizen's right to monetize it to provide a living for her or his family.




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