Documented Voter Fraud in Scotland Independence Vote

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Statists love to speak of democracy, the power being in the hands of "the People", and how "We the People" are the government.  They cite the power of voting as the means to secure a peaceful, fair, equitable, and righteous government.  Many of them like former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura believe that the election is something so sacred that it should be a national holiday (Holy Day).  

But we need to remember that elections are run by the state, so they will always favor the state.  The taxpayer pays for elections, and the government is the only one who benefits.  


We are told repeatedly, that voting is the very foundation of our civilization and that democracy is the fabric of peaceful  governance.  If that's the case why are state-employed election workers always working to subvert that process?  






They will try to spin these as "isolated incidences" that are too small to have affected the outcome of the election.  The truth is that this the way it has always been.  What has changed is the fact that video cameras have become ubiquitous along with the ability to live-stream video feeds.  Thanks to this, we are watching more of the process than ever before and thus seeing and exposing the corruption that used to remain hidden.







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