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Buying and selling online can be fun! No need to fall in line to pay for an order and no need to go out when you feel like staying at home. It is very convenient and easy to do. That's why I use the Shopee mobile app. They also have a website you can access. 

I've written what Shopee is and why it is my favorite mobile shopping/ selling app. Now I will share with you some tips in online buying or selling. 



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♦    Basic Tips for Shopee Sellers    ♦

• Always describe your item well.

The more details you provide, the better. It will save you and your potential buyer the time in answering and waiting for the answer to questions. Aside from describing what you're selling, include the item specifics. Depending on what it is, put the size, some usage instructions if possible, warranty period, expiry, ingredients, color, quantity, model name, etc.  


(Mobile screenshot of ShopeePH item of ArtGirl via Bitlanders)



• If selling a used or pre-loved item, always include the damage details if there are any.

Be transparent and honest to avoid any hassle in the future. Put everything in the description and include it in the pictures too. Describe it as accurate as possible. This will keep your buyers from returning the item and asking for a refund in case they discover any undocumented damage.


• Respond to buyer inquiries ASAP.

An ignored buyer will definitely buy from someone else so make sure to respond promptly when you can. Be courteous when responding and provide all the required details they need if you have it. If not, feel free to explain or respond appropriately.


• Make sure the items are complete and undamaged before shipping it out

Don't forget to double check if the product/s you are shipping out is complete. Make sure there are no missing parts and that there is no damage so the buyers will not return it. 

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Important: In case you sell plenty of items and are not able to check the products one by one, be sure to have your own quality control procedures. This will help you avoid customer problems  in the long run.

For those who only sell a few items, there is no excuse not to double check on each product.

If the item is brand new, sometimes it can still have some damage. Unless the product is sealed, make sure it does not have any defect before you ship it. Consider the buyer's feelings too. As a buyer, would you want to receive your order with a missing part? Would you be happy to see your order with a tiny rip or stain? I'm sure you'll feel bad when you get any damaged or incomplete item so make sure you avoid sending such too.

Even if the damage or missing item detail is written in the description still make sure there are no undocumented defects. Inform your buyer if there is anything not in the item description before shipping the order out.



• Pack the items well before shipping them.

Make sure you secure the item inside a bubble wrap, cardboard or even a box if possible. Use tape and other necessary packaging stuff. This is so you're sure the thing/s to ship will arrive safe and sound to the buyer. Doing this will prevent any damage to the object/s and will make your customers happy.

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• Feedback/Rating is Important Too.

Don't forget to leave a feedback or star rating for your buyer. Providing a buyer rating shows your buyers and future customers that you know how to appreciate people. Once any order shows the Completed status on your selling page, you will be able to leave a rating for your buyer/s.

Feel free to remind your customers to leave you feedback in case they forget or don't know how. Especially if you are starting out as a seller, this will help you gain some Shopee selling credibility.


(Video credit: Shopee Philippines via YouTube)




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♥   Basic Tips When Buying On Shopee   ♥

To avoid any hassle, disappointment and problem when purchasing items online, here are some tips.


• Always read all the product details.

Check if there are any instructions included in the description or if it includes the size and other important details you need. Also check the item feedback of other buyers so you will know if the product is a good buy or not. Some buyers put comments regarding item quality so be sure to check the item feedback. 


• Choose the appropriate item from the available variation, if any.

Make sure you've selected the correct and specific option before paying for the order. Double check the selected item design, color, weight, expiry, etc., to be sure you are buying the right one. Once your order is shipped out, it would be a hassle if you would only return it for the right product.


(Mobile Screenshot of ShopeePH item by ArtGirl via Bitlanders)


It might even be out of stock once you are ready to order the right one so be sure to look twice or thrice.



• Check the shipping information.

Some items come directly overseas so it will show, "Shipping from overseas" in a green box. As for pre-orders, it takes longer than 3 days for the items to be shipped. You will see these details even before you place an item in your shopping cart.

If you aren't expecting to get things within a week then feel free to purchase those items. If overseas or pre-order is not showing anywhere then it means it's either a local item or is readily available to ship ASAP. 

If it's a local item, choose which shipping service you prefer the seller to use as the fee can also vary.


• Always ask the seller a question to clarify your concerns.

If you want more details about any product/item being sold, it's best to contact the seller before paying for any item. This will prevent disappointments, like getting unexpected products delivered.

It's a way for you to gauge the seller engagement as well. You'll know if they are quick to reply or don't bother answering at all. At least you can firmly decide to purchase from them or not. 

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• Take advantage of the discount codes or vouchers for free shipping and more!

Aside from the discount vouchers, Shopee is known for it's Cash on Delivery option and FREE shipping. Make sure to use the discount codes too if you have some. 

As a first time buyer you can use my P100 discount code on your very first purchase: ARTST222. Don't forget to put in any valid voucher code above the total order price before paying for your items.

You can also use discount Shopee coins that are easy to find on the app/site. Explore Shopee and find a lot of things to be happy about as a buyer, haha.



• Check the items in the package as soon as you get it.  

Make sure to open your order within 24 hours of delivery. This will immediately let you know if the item has any damage or missing part. If there's any issue you can contact the seller and let them offer solutions to your item concerns.

Checking on your order ASAP will allow you to be eligible for the Shopee Guarantee. For example, in case the item is damaged, you can request a refund and return the item as soon as the item shows "Delivered" status.

Important: Delivery people are not allowed to accept the items if you'd like to return it to them. You'd have to go through the Shopee process.

Based on the Shopee diagram below you only have 1 day as grace period. After that time frame the 3 day Shopee Guarantee extension won't be available anymore.  


(Screenshot credit via Shopee PH Help Page via Bitlanders)



• Don't leave any feedback before you've checked the item/s.

Yes I know you're excited to rate the seller upon getting your orders. I feel you. Lol. However check the contents of your order first before leaving any feedback. This is the best way to evaluate the product and provide an accurate feedback to the seller. 

This is something I sometimes forget to do, expecting sellers to ship items in the best condition and complete as promised. And then when I discover it is missing something, it will be too late to return it. 

Buyer feedback on items will be seen by other customers so it's also a big help if we provide the best details possible.


mobile_shopping_philippines(Photo credit: ArtGirl via Bitlanders)



• Don't forget to leave the seller a feedback or star rating.

Once you click on "order received", you will be able to rate the seller. After submitting the feedback, you can only edit it once.  Use this feature wisely. 

Leaving the seller your feedback is your chance to say how happy or glad you are with the item/s and service you got. Or share if there's any issue with the item or the seller that you both weren't able to resolve in messaging. 


(Mobile Screenshot of ShopeePH seller by ArtGirl via Bitlanders)


You can type your own feedback or use the comment templates. As you can see above, the buyers used the available comment they preferred. If you don't feel like typing anything, just click on the comment feedback button of your choice, select the star rating, submit and you're done. 



• Feel free to ask the seller for feedback and opt to follow them too.

Your star rating adds credibility to you as a buyer so it can also be important. In case they don't leave any feedback then just move on. You've done your part in asking for it and if they do not respond then there are plenty of other sellers who can show appreciation to their buyers.

If you're happy with the seller, there is an option on their profile to follow them too. Same as on other social media accounts, this is something you can choose to do anytime.

Here's a short video about buying from Shopee.

(Video credit: Shopee Philippines via YouTube)



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And that's it. (^_^) Actually these tips are generally applicable to any online selling platform too. If you're new to online buying or selling then I hope these tips will help make things easy for you.



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