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Jean Koerner - Yoga

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Sometimes, I really appreciate the area that I live in. I love the walks down the harbour, I love the sunlights kissing my skin and……

by Karfaravar

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Sleeping Habit


Slumbering Info: Tips on how to Acquire This Slumbering Pattern And have A fantastic Times Rest Sleep is essential to a nutritious……

by SanaSunny

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ABS-CBN's " KrisTV "

Ren LV

( Image: The show's inital cover photo in 2011 ) ​ KrisTV is a Philippine morning Lifestyle-Magazine Talk Show  that debuted……

by renlv

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Joke 0.1

Ash thunderbolt

A boy doesn't want eat tablet for fever so his mother put the tablet inside an egg and gave him to eat.After sometime mothers asked……

by AshThunderbolt

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Nice Treat

cassandra sampayan

Earning money is so hard. Working for more than 8 hours a day is very toxic. It will drain your mind and body and even forget your……

by cassandra_sam

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Leisure -1

Sanjida Santa

Leisure is the time of relaxation. It is true that man cannot live without work . But man cannot keep working all the time without……

by sanjida-santa

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A Picnic Party


Man wants change, novelty and variety.He feels bored with routine,monotonous and humdrum life.Variety and change add sugar and spice……

by muhammadnazir40

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АВИАЦИЯ - Константин Смирнов

Picture stunning white particles of sand, scattered seashells along the shoreline softly moving to the rhythm of the ocean waves crashing……

by robert-andy

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Hope Devote

 The other day I decided to go to the park; it was absolutely beautiful, the sky was a bright blue fading into a darker……

by sky-ish

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