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"The Method in the Madness" is episode five of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the badly mangled remains of an apple sauce maker is found in the garbage.


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Something Unpleasant in the Waste

A garbage truck is picking up rubbish and the driver is singing opera and trying to get his less than appreciative colleague to join in. The latter does and then one of the bins is being hoisted into the truck when the colleague starts screaming, followed by the driver. Guess they saw something less than pleasant in the waste.

Sweets is Staying with Brennan and Booth

Sweets is sleeping in his office, which is a bit of a mess, because he gave Daisy their apartment after splitting up with Daisy in the previous episode, "The Tiger in the Tail". Booth tells him he needs to get back onto his feet and eventually offers him his and Brennan's place for a night or two. Brennan is surprisingly supportive (Hodgins starts a pool as to how long Sweets will stay with them).

A Really Messy and Unpleasant Death

The victim that the garbage men found is a bit of a mess. The 'gutsy-stuff' is in a separate rubbish bag to the rest. The face has been scratched off, the woman eviscerated - whilst alive - and then all the flesh removed from her bones. All in all, not a very pleasant death by the sounds of it. Mr Fisher, when the question is posited as to what sort of monster does that, describes a case of a serial killer followed by which Brennan describes how the Aztecs appeased the fire god. Which Fisher seems nostalgic over. Cam thinks that Angela can reconstruct the face from the face - but not to tell Angela that it was her idea. Given Angela's distaste for the really icky stuff. The killer has already destroyed much of the trace evidence with industrial cleaner.


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The Dead Apple Sauce Maker

When Angela reconstructs the face, Hodgins and Angela both recognise the woman. She's one of the two women who make their son's favourite make of apple sauce. Which leads Brennan and Booth to an artisanal subculture not far from where the body was found. According to the other woman, the victim was being pursued by a local butcher showing stalkerish levels of interest. According to Fisher, the victim was cut by a blade wielded by someone who was very strong. Such as a butcher's cleaver. Too obvious. The butcher says he was only trying to help the victim and backed off completely after he was threatened by another, rather large, man.


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Lots of Cash on Hand

Oddly, the victim has $2,000 on her - a lot of money for a woman who supposedly had very little. All the money came from a single source and the victim was making regular doctor visits but not for the reason that she gave her sister. According to the doctor, she was getting tests for STDs. Which could explain the money - moonlighting as a prostitute. As a result, Fisher comes up with the idea that the killer is mimicking Jack the Ripper.

Oddities in the Injuries

There are some oddities with the wounds that does seem to have a potential explanation, although not one that is brought up for a while, which brings up a whole new explanation.

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