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The Examer Educational Software is a fantastic project conceived by Ms. Elaha Mahboob and developed in collaboration with Roya Mahboob, Fereshteh Forough and the Citadel of New York software development team in Italy. The Examer Educational Software allows students from developing countries like Afghanistan to have access to a paperless examination system, world wide education and micro scholarships paid with digital technologies like Mobile Payment Systems.

The software implementation is going beyond Afghanistan, we are working to start our operations in the Caribbeans, Africa and Central America; we are exporting Educational Software conceived and developed by Afghan Women. Here below the animation by Dutch filmmaker Tomas Schats explains the basics of the Examer Educational software:



A student in Herat, Afghanistan, on ins Saint Lucia, Caribbeans, can take an exam in Social Media of Digital Film Production designed by educators and experts based in the USA or Europe, and receive a micro scholarship for his or her performance. The best students are also hired to work as a Digital and Social Media Manager for the companies that support the program.




The Examer Educational Software has three purposes:

  1. Educate the students and reward them with scholarships so that they and their families are further motivated to continue their studies.

  2. Link the students to the world of private enterprise and business, so that even before graduation, they can start direct relationships in the world of business.

  3. Source the best world wide educators and shape their wisdom and knowledge to the needs and circumstances of the students located in developing countries.

Let me make an example:

Captain Edward Zellem is an authority in Afghan Dari Sayings and Proverbs. He is fluent in Dari and was educated in the USA. Through the Examer Educational Software, he shaped his wisdom and knowledge to the needs of the students so that we can educate them, link them to the world of social media, and introduce them directly to the world of business and private enterprise. Captain Edward Zellem benefits from the incredible opportunity to educate the new generation of upcoming Central Asian, Afghan leaders and business people through his direct relationship with the students. The students benefit from the opportunity to be educated by Captain Zellem and his incredible experience and knowledge. Third-party companies like Film Annex benefit from the opportunity to work with both Captain Zellem and the best students in Central Asia. The students exceed expectations and have an incredible drive to improve their education and the world surrounding them. This is the seed to Social Enterprise for Women in Technology.



Let me repeat this again:

The Examer Educational Software allows us to source the BEST EDUCATORS and put them in direct contact with the BEST STUDENTS and BEST EMPLOYERS and CLIENTS. This is a fundamental key to success.

This is why we are introducing the Examer Educational Software to thought leaders and inviting them to shape educational curriculum to pick the brains and educate female and male students in Afghanistan and other developing countries. The project is so successful that we are already negotiating to expand the implementation of the Examer Educational Software in countries outside of Central and South Asia, starting from the Caribbeans and Africa.

Another key to our success is the fact that our motto has been from the very beginning: NO POLITICS, JUST INTERNET and EDUCATION!

It's not a coincidence that Roya Mahboob was listed in the TIME 100 most influential people as an entrepreneur, and not as a political activist. Roya Mahboob is changing the world through education, digital media and technology. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, shares her thoughts on Roya's work here below:


The Examer is a paperless and online-based educational software. It allows us to distribute the software for free and use the wisdom and knowledge of thought leaders and private enterprises by maintaining extremely low costs of development and management. This is how we limited the overhead and management costs of our operation to a very small 5%. The real investment is in the mind and brain of the students logged into the Examer Educational System and the world of digital media. The return on investment is the work and development of the young students of Afghanistan and other developing countries, and the new open markets and business opportunities generated by their ideas and work. This is sustainable education and development.



Here are some numbers:

8 schools in Herat, Afghanistan, 35,000 students on the World Wide Web and 5,000 registered female students working on the Examer. Two Women's Annex Center serving the women of Herat (500,000 citizens) and Kabul (estimated 3 million people). The network will grow to at least 40 schools and more Women's Annex Centers. This is the first step towards a network of development centers inside the high schools and Universities of Afghanistan and other countries in Central Asia. Each school will specialize in specific courses like software development and coding, professional film production and editing, writing and blogging, social media, 3D printing and stop motion productions. This is the first step towards a Digital and Social Media Incubator Network. This will also benefit the further development of the Examer Educational Software, its tools and expertise. We are pushing the envelope to higher targets and expectations.


The Herat Network:



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