9 Disney Animated Movie Songs To Inspire and Motivate You to Succeed

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Do you like to watch Disney animated movies? Are you a fan of the movie soundtracks too? I just love and enjoy most of them and don't care about the rest. Haha.  

Since I've been doing several reviews of Disney movies, I couldn't help but play the songs on YouTube while I wrote the reviews sometimes. Lol. I mean it's been a looong time since I listened to them so its a welcome change to my work routine. 

inspiring_disney_songs(Image credit: Disney via theodysseyonline.com)


Because of that, of course I keep getting Disney earworms now even after days or weeks after I submitted the reviews. What better way to get them out of my system than to write about them, right?

We all need some inspiration and motivation to work everyday so here's nine songs for you to listen too. When you're feeling depressed or lazy to work on what should be worked on, play the songs and wait for the magic to happen. (^_^)



♦     When You Wish Upon a Star - Pinocchio     ♦

This is an old song but I love its message. When I was young, my mom used to play this or I think sing it to me. I think I also saw it on TV back then and I love how it made me dream of having all my wishes come true. Haha.

(Video credit: disneysoundtrack89 via YouTube)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

When You Wish Upon a Star will make any kid feel wonderful. Even adults who hear it will feel better as well. The song allows us to widen our imagination. We're all free to daydream right? It's free and can be done any day by anyone at any time.

But of course do not forget that after wishing you should keep doing too in order to have the dream fulfilled someday. 





♦     Go the Distance - Hercules     ♦

After you learn to wish for things, you will also realize you'd have to go places to reach for your dreams. You'd have to know what you want to be and of course find out where you want to be. In case you don't know where you truly belong, don't fret, you'll soon find out!  

Get out there and experience life to know who you are. Sing Go the Distance like Hercules, go and be brave. (^_^) Or just listen to the soundtrack while you're at it.



(Image credit: Disney via  impawards.com)


Michael Bolton's version is one of my favorite songs because it is a heartfelt rendition. It can really inspire you to want to go beyond where you are right now.


How it motivates/inspires us:

Listen to the lyrics and sing along to it. I'm pretty sure it will make you feel positive to really go the distance. The song is saying we can be successful too! If you're striving to be successful then this is an great song to listen to. Go the Distance makes us feel we should get out there and find where we really belong.





♦     How Far I'll Go - Moana     ♦

Let's say you've already found and known yourself, suddenly you're now stuck in a dead end career or lifestyle. Oh no, what to do now? If you feel stuck where you are then it's time to go on an adventure! Like Moana you can go ahead and see how far you can still go.  

Stop settling and lead the way to a new place and life across the horizon. Listen to the song and be inspired. 

 (Image credit: Disney via hdqwalls.com)


How it motivates/inspires us:

When we're used to routine and conforming to others sometimes it makes us feel stuck. If you know you can do more and achieve better things in life then be inspired by Moana. Think of the possibilities waiting out there and take steps to do them. 

Let's be brave and take the first step to see how far we can go. The message of How Far I'll Go makes us think of discovering what lies further than what we are used to. You know what they say, "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone." 






♦     Whistle While You Work - Snow White     ♦

Here's another old song to inspire us. Whistle While You Work is a better song to listen to than the new work themed songs we hear on the radio. This is a happy tune we can all sing along to.

Snow White sings it while she does the household chores but we can all whistle while doing  other kinds of jobs right?

positive_songs_to_listen_to_at_work(Image credit: Disney via video.disney.com)


Or try working out to this song and see if you can last the short length of it. Hahaha.

Actually I prefer the Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus version of this. I used to listen to it as a kid. You know how parents like to play children's songs to their offspring right? Why not play this song to your kids too? Or add it to your playlist to keep things positive while doing some menial jobs, etc.  

(Video credit: boyjohn via YouTube)


How it motivates/inspires us:

For some of us who hate house work, this song can make us get in the mood for it. If you listen to the song while you're cleaning, it will surely lift your mood while doing everything you need to do.

It can also remind us that even if we are doing various things, it will make us feel better if we whistle and be cheerful about it. Sometimes we whistle and sing when we are happy right? So if we do the same while we work on anything then it should make the work end faster because we don't notice it as much.





♦     Happy Working Song - Enchanted     ♦

In case you like a more fun, modern and Disney work song, check this one from Enchanted. 

You can definitely hum it while you're outside, at work or anywhere. I mean, why not? If you feel stressed out, then take a few minutes break and listen to this song. Let's see what happens. Haha. 


(Screencap by ArtGirl, credit: Hebrew_Disney_vids_in_HD via YouTube)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

Happy Working Song makes us sing while we do house work and other jobs. I'm sure it definitely feels better when you're singing and dancing while doing anything. The lyrics also encourages us to try new experiences since it might be worth it. We all need more of that so this song can hopefully motivate those who listen to it.

Happy tune + work = awesome job! Lol.





♦     Hakuna Matata - The Lion King     ♦

If you're worried about money, having a successful event or activity, or going wherever you want to be, why not take a break and relax too. Let go of control and let the world do its thing. The Universe / God will take care of the rest since you've done everything you could. 

You know what they say, "Don't worry, Be happy. " 

9_songs_to_inspire_you(Image credit: Disney via Freepostermaker.com)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

Whoever tries to control everything will be frustrated to no end. Nobody can control all except God. Traffic will be there everyday, the wind will not come at your bidding, people will make mistakes any time of day because we are not perfect.  This is especially hard to accept if we are control freaks. The song can be a reminder to us that we should relax and sit back once we know we have done everything we could.

Also, it is best to take a break from thinking of whatever negative thing happened in the past. Do not let it hurt you further after you have learned lessons from the experience. Think about all the good things you've done and are also able to do! Worrying can only lead to stress so better sing Hakuna Matata or watch The Lion King 1 1/2 to know the story behind the song!





♦     On My Way - Brother Bear     ♦

Now that you're more relaxed and have lesser thought on worries, you should be on your way to success! 

As On My Way suggests, thinking too much about work and money should not be the.only thing you're doing. Take time to smell the flowers and breathe in the fresh breeze from the trees or plants on your way to work or as you travel home. Gaze at the beautiful sunrise or sunset on the horizon wherever you are. If there are puffy Cumulus clouds overhead, watch them glide by and sigh at the beauty of the world. 

song_inspirations_for_success(Screencap by ArtGirl credit: Corey Rubin via YouTube)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

When you're relaxed and not trying to control the outcome of anything, you have lesser worries. Don't you think you'll definitely feel better and happier everyday? One day you can say you're finally on your way to a better and more successful you. Change your life by remembering to appreciate everything you see around you.

If you listen to this song maybe you can also include some visualization of you climbing the success ladder and getting to the top. That should lift your spirits up even just a little bit.





♦     True to Your Heart - Mulan      ♦

After visualizing success, what else is there to do? Well, you can also listen to your heart. What is it saying, do you know? There are times when what we think we want is not what we really want. Take time to also be true to your inner self, that is the message of the song. 

disney_inspirational_songs(Image credit: Disney via musicmatch.com)


Did you know, the album has a different song version that has better lyrics than the popular boy band song we all know? The lyrics is better in a sense that it is about oneself and not about a boy meets girl kind of thing.


How it motivates/inspires us:

True to Your Heart, the other single, allows us to reflect on what we really want, not only in our mind but also in our heart. We should not listen to our brain all the time. There are things that only our heart or instinct and spirit knows that our minds cannot comprehend.

Sometimes we must pause and listen to what our soul is saying and not what the world dictates. This can lead us to success too.




♦     I'm Still Here - Treasure Planet     ♦

Finally, after doing all of the above, make sure you do not let others change who you really are. Other people, even your family and friends will try to change you into someone you are not. Be mindful of people who cannot accept you for who you are. Always strive to be the better version of yourself and not someone others want you to be. If you listen to I'm Still Here, that may be what you will think of.

songs_for_success(Image credit: Disney via discogs.com)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

It is rare for people to totally accept you for what you are. People will not always understand us. Even we ourselves do not know how to accept our faults sometimes. Plus, there will always be some kind of criticism from anyone around you. Some will try to change you into a version of themselves while others will change you into their ideal person.

I'm Still Here reminds us that it is not other people who should change us but ourselves. It is also not our place to change other people because if we can't change ourselves what right do we have in changing others? We are our own person so we should be able to find our own way into being successful in life. 



♥      Bonus: When You Believe - Prince of Egypt      ♥

This song is from a Dreamworks animated movie but I still think it fits in this list. The entire movie soundtrack is amazing but I'll just share this one. When You Believe is an uplifting song with God in the song's message. Listen to it and be inspired! motivational_songs_for_success

(Image credit: Disney via flutenotes.ph)


How it motivates/inspires us: 

When you're feeling blue or in need of some encouragement and strength in your faith, you can listen to this song. If we believe in whatever we believe in, something can happen with the grace and help of God. Things can happen when we believe it, especially if we also took action into making it happen. We can change our lives as long as we believe it will happen.

God can make miracles in our lives if we want it to happen. Didn't Jesus say, if we believe it, so it shall be (Matthew 8:13)? 


 * * * * * * * * *


And that's it for my Disney song list. What do you think of the songs? Do you know other Disney music that can help uplift the mood or spirit and make us strive to be successful? Come on and share them in the comments below.



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