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Last I blogged about Nayak movie of Bollywood and today I'm going to write a review of the movie Junoon. I'm sure that you will like it.

A man becomes Lion



Movie Poster Junoon

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First of all, let me give an introduction to the movie Junoon here;


The movie Junoon was released by Bollywood film industry in 1992. The movie was directed by the legend director Mahesh Bhatt. The movie was a horror, romantic and thriller movie and have the wonderful story. The movie Junoon is the story of a ghost lion which appears the full moon night which is known as Amawas night in India. That lion can't be killed and whoever tries to kill him may also be another lion and he kills innocent people for drinking their blood.


Movie Poster Junoon

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Two friends go to the forest for hunting but they reached a cave and found a lion. One of them died on spot after the lion attack but the other one was escaped by people and later on, he became a lion.

Dear friends, this was the basic introduction to the movie Junoon. The rest of the story will tell you here but first, let me introduce you to major characters of this movie.

Here were the major actors in the movie Junoon.

Avinash Wadhawan:


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Avinash is an Indian film actor who has appeared in various movies like Junoon and Geet. His acting in this movie is really amazing and wonderful. He is called Ravi in this movie and he loves Neeta a lot. He wants to marry her because due to financial problems and not having a good job he is not in such a position. He wants to be a singer.

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Pooja Bhatt:


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Pooja Bhatt is the daughter of legend movie director Mahesh Bhatt and she has appeared in various movies directed by her father. She has worked in leading movies like Sadak, Dil hai keh manta hi nahe, Junoon and many more. She has appeared in this movie as Neeta and she is a doctor. She also loves Ravi but her parents are not happy at all. They think that Ravi has no job and so he can't marry her and she should marry now.

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Tom Alter:

Tom is a famous Bollywood actor and he has worked in various movies like Lagaan. He looks like an English man. He has appeared in this movie as Harry and he is an officer of the forest. He has some knowledge about the lion who kills innocent people but later on, he is also killed by Vicky.

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Rakesh Bedi:


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Rakesh is a famous comedian and he has appeared in many movies as comedian and side actor. He appeared in this movie as a friend of Ravi and he is known as Himanshu and he helps Ravi in finding the job. He is also attacked by Vikram when he tries to reach Neeta for telling her about the death of Ravi's father.

Rahul Roy:


Rahul Roy Who becomes Lion

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Rahul is a famous Bollywood actor and he appeared in many movies like Junoon. His blockbuster movie was Aashiqui which was released in 1990. He appeared in the movie Junoon as Vikram Chohan and he is attacked by the lion in the forest and then he also became a lion and started killing poor people.

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Avtar Gill:


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Avtar appeared in this movie as Inspector Sudhir and he is searching for the person who is killing poor people. He did not accept the story of Ravi and his friends. He thinks that they are telling a lie and this story does not seem to be true.

Mushtaq Khan:


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Mushtaq Khan has appeared in movies as a comedian but in this movie, he is a simple villager and he knows the lion and believes on its story. He prevents Vikram from going to the forest for hunting but Vikram thinks that he is telling a lie and this is just a fake news. When Vicky is attacked by the lion, Bheema also tries to kill him with villagers and thinks that if he is survived then he will be the lion.

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Shubha Khote:


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Shubha appeared in many movies and she has worked great. She appeared in this movie as the mother of Neeta and she wants her to marry someone else because Ravi has no job. She also fixes her marriage with Vicky and thinks that he is the right person for her daughter.

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Roma Manik:

Roma appeared in this movie while she was in a dance club and she became dance partner of Vicky and then she was attacked by Vikram who killed her.

These are the major people who worked in the movie Junoon and made it amazing. Now let me tell you the movie story here;

Movie Story:

The movie starts with Vikram Chohan (Rahul Roy) who went in the forest for hunting but was attacked by a lion. The lion is known as a ghost and it is said that whoever tries to kill the lion, also becomes a ghost and then starts killing poor people.

Bheema (Mushtaq Khan) is a simple village person who believes that the lion is a ghost and he also tries to kill the Vikram when he is attacked by the lion.


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Rahul escapes but his friend Arun is killed by a lion. Rahul is saved by people and then he is admitted to the hospital where he meets with Doctor Neeta and falls in love with her.

Ravi is a simple and nice guy who loves Neeta and wants to marry her but due to financial problems, he can't do it. When Neeta's marriage is fixed with Vikram, she asks Ravi to marry her in one day but Vikram goes and kills Ravi's father and so Ravi have to go there.

Here was the most famous song of this movie in which Ravi & Neeta are in love with each other;

Milte Milte Haseen Wadeon Main Classic Song from Movie Junoon 1992

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At the first night of Marriage, Vicky becomes the lion and kills an innocent girl in a hotel. Later on, after some days, Neeta comes to know that Vikram is actually a ghost and becomes the lion in every moon night so she leaves him and goes with Ravi to find a solution. She also meets Bheema and Bhaskar. They tell Neeta that Vikram is actually a lion and killing innocent people.

Neeta meets forest officer Harry (Tom Alter) and gets a solution of killing Vikram. She goes to the cave with Ravi and Bheema and Vikram also arrives there. Ravi finds a knife which can only kill Vikram and then he fights with Vikram and finally kills Vikram and saves Neeta.

The story ends up there.

Watch complete movie here;

Complete Movie Junoon 1992

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The story of Junoon tells us that Ghosts are not only in the stories but they are actually on the earth in different kinds. Strong belief can only kill them. The other thing which is found in this movie is real and true love. The truth of love can be found in the movie Junoon. The Junoon word is known as the highest power and love has no bounds. The true love can bear all of the difficulties. The true love becomes a great power.

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